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Weave collaboration into the fabric of your app.

You're a builder. We're builders. So we're already kindred spirits. That's a good start.


So here's the thing. We know you came here expecting us to lay out our grand vision. Or tell you that we're the perfect team to accomplish this grand vision because we've built so many successful companies before, which we have. But we're not going to do that. It's been done before and we're all about doing things differently. Plus you'd be bored out of your mind.

How about instead, we just tell you what we do in the simplest terms and then you go check it out. We're pretty sure you're going to dig it.

You're a builder. We're builders. So we're already kindred spirits. That's a good start.

You made something great. Maybe it was a Quickbooks Killer or the next Salesforce. You know exactly what your customers need to dominate their industry. Well, guess what? We know nothing about accounting or your customer for that matter. What we do know is collaboration. And we're going to go out on a limb and say that your killer new app is missing some key collaboration features. Things like in-app messaging, file sharing, document collaboration and all that jazz.

Well, Weavy lets you put it in your app. That's kind of it. It's really that simple. You got a cool app, we got a framework with dozens of collaboration features. You buy our framework, embed it in your tool and then your customers have everything they need to do their job (thanks to you) and everything they need to collaborate with their team (thanks to us).

A perfect partnership.
Now go and play with it.

David Cole, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework Director of Client Services

David Cole, Jr

Above & Beyond Director/Client Services

Jimmy Wilhelmsson, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework Product Manager

Jimmy Wilhelmsson

Product Manager & Storyteller

Johan Jeppson, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework Developer

Johan Jeppson

Developer Extraordinaire

Klas Lundberg, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework UX, UI

Klas Lundberg

UX/UI Wizard

Linus Birgerstam, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework CTO

Linus Birgerstam

World-Class CTO

Magnus Krona, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework Developer

Magnus Krona

Lightning Developer

Paul Meyer, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework CFO

Paul Meyer

Numbers, Numbers - CFO

Rickard Hansson, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework Founder, CEO

Rickard Hansson

Founder, CEO & Incurable Optimist

Ryan Riley, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework CMO

Ryan Riley

Marketing Genius

Robert Hess, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework COO

Robert Hess

Get Stuff Done COO

Semmy Rulf, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework Chairman

Semmy Rülf

Done It All Chairman

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