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5 ways Live-Chat can benefit your app (and how to get started)

Calling all product managers of software platforms: If you don’t have live-chat already implemented, you are running behind schedule and it might be time to catch up with the rest of the market.

Unlike email, where you are waiting to have your messages downloaded from a server, live-chat allows you to communicate with users in real-time. In-app chat can facilitate conversations between the team that is using your platform and it can also connect to your helpdesk team. With the rise of remote work, your software needs to become more accommodating and accessible.

Here’s how other platforms are benefiting from having live-chat. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how you can get started too...


1. Faster Turn Around on Issues

The old saying that time is money is still relevant. Nowadays, two-day shipping is almost standard, and social media is cutting attention spans in half. Globally, patience is running increasingly thin. You have done your job in convincing your customers that you have the best and most comprehensive platform - now it is time to retain them. Whether it is an issue on their end or yours, there is always a conversation to be had. When people are not able to resolve issues almost immediately, they walk away. Use live-chat to reach them before they make that decision.

2. Throwing in a Bot

Computers are, and will forever be, smarter and faster than us. Automate a bot to respond to customer questions with #help hashtags in real-time. I am guilty of having an Alexa and Google Mini. You might be shocked if I told you how many times a day I refer to ‘them’ to ask for the time.

Although it is not a tall task, it is the level of ease that keeps me pleased every single time. These guys might be AI software, but all software is being held to the same standard. Make sure you never hear ‘old-school’ and your platform’s name in the same sentence.

3. Cutting Costs on Both Ends

If your clients are using third-party communication tools, embedding your own might make plenty of sense. It is likely that your customers are already using WhatsApp, Slack, or Telegram. If you are not sure, it is definitely worth pouring some research into.

The average cost of Slack, per user per month, averages $12.50. There is a huge opportunity for you to be a real value-add here. However, your end-users are not the only ones who will benefit. When you invest in real-time chat, you will cut costs on your end too. Remember the bot I was talking about? You can use it to significantly decrease your operational costs.

4. Actively Engaged Customers

The amount of time spent on your platform usually correlates to the usefulness. Studies show that apps with in-app chat keep users engaged at a 37% higher rate.

5. Support and Accessibility

Whether you need one or not, it always brings peace of mind to know you have a helping hand. I am sure you have heard of the Helpful Honda People, and we could all probably learn a bit from them. The new way of marketing is to show you really care. The brilliance of the Helpful Honda Campaign has been appreciated globally and adopted (in alternative ways) by many. This is another standard your software is being held to, regardless of the industry.

Now, more than ever, we need to participate in the #RandomActsOfHelpfulness. Change the perception of your relationship with your customers. This level of accessibility becomes an embedded part of your brand reputation.

If you haven't already started, here is your sign: there's never been a better time to add in-app chat functionalities to your product.

Wondering how to add live-chat easily? I'll show you how, if you click the link below to see our messaging functionality in action.

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