Front-end Software Engineer

We need more full-on and all-in engineers to our Swedish office in Malmö. This time we need someone who loves to create UIs and the best part - it’s going to be done using our awesome framework.

Job Description

The primary role is divided into two things, actually. 1) Create prototypes together with our sales team and prospects/clients 2) Support our clients in the implementation phase.

So what are you really doing? You’re adding our framework to their apps, and that’s mainly working with the UI using our widget, and also help them create automated processes by calling our APIs either in the server part of <weavy/> or to fire up a new instance through our Tenant API.

A lot of the work you’ll do will be stuff we can share on Github, so the code needs to be tidy and well documented. This means you’ll also be publishing articles in our Playground on the <weavy/> docs site.


  • Strong command over HTML, CSS, JS, and understanding of the best practices
  • Proficiency in C# and experience in developing ASP.NET MVC
  • Familiarity with REST APIs, WebSockets, etc.
  • You have used the latest web stacks or libraries such as jQuery, React, Angular, LESS, SASS
  • You like writing clean, componentized and well-tested code, heavily favoring reuse
  • Experience solving cross-browser compatibility issues
  • You have a proven track record of writing performant code with user accessibility front of mind
  • You have written responsive and adaptive code to enable mobile web experiences
  • Not a must, but super bonus if experience in technical writing or technical blogging
  • Strong understanding of UX and creating dashing UI:s
  • Wear Birkenstock like nobody's business
  • Always let the boss win shuffleboard


3+ years experience as a front end developer


Not critical. What matters is the output.

At <weavy/> we value personality and attitude higher than all the skills and experience in the world. We want you to;

  • Be positive, engaged and energetic.
  • Leave prestige by the doorstep.
  • Be open-minded.
  • Agree on that a title is just a title.

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