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Weavy Files API vs. Alternatives

There are a lot of In-App Files APIs. But they all do something a little differently, so how do you find the best fit for your product?

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Weavy Files API was designed from the ground up to increase productivity. Our features bring every stage of the document handling workflow where they belong: in your app.

  • File uploader
  • File previews
  • Document sync
  • Automatic version control
  • Third-party integrations

Works great, but are they great for work?

Most Files APIs focus on one or two things they do really well, but can they do it all?


A secure file uploader

Filestack is first and foremost a file uploader, and a good one at that. Filestack gives app developers a way to connect their app to their data warehouse or cloud storage solution.

Filestack reserves important features such as Oauth support and white label styling for their most expensive tier. While Filestack has some functionality for transcoding or modifying files, that's the full extent of what they offer. That means users can't truly work in your app.


A powerful file transfer utility

Transloadit provides the API and the infrastructure to allow secure end-to-end file transfer between users of an app.

Transloadit is designed to move files from point a to point b, with limited options for transforming those files in the middle. Some of these transformations are pretty nifty tricks, but they're far from being productivity features. Transloadit also has strict limits on monthly bandwidth and charges penalties if you go over them.


The open uploader

Uppy is a free open source file uploader API. Its lean code leaves a small footprint in your app, and comes with a variety of open UI options.

Owing to its free and open nature, Uppy doesn't provide any options for hosting, file previews, or document collaboration. That means your team is going to have to do a lot of heavy lifting to get Uppy fully functional within your app.

Great Features. Better Price.

Sure we could charge you for storage, bandwidth, or users. Or we could keep it simple: No caveats. No compromises. Growth friendly.


Up to 250 directories, with full access to:

In-App Files API
In-App Feedss API
In-App Chat API
Unlimited MAU, users, files, storage, and bandwidth


Up to 1000 directories, with full access to:

In-App Files API
In-App Feedss API
In-App Chat API
Unlimited MAU, users, files, storage, and bandwidth

How the competiton fares


File Uploader
Free for up to 5gb, 1gb of storage, 500 uploads, and 1000 transformations
$59/month for up to 50gb, 20gb of storage, 10,000 uploads, and 25,000 transformations
$199/month for up to 200gb, 150gb of storage, 50,000 uploads, and 250,000 transformations
$359/month for up to 400gb, 350gb of storage, 125,000 uploads, and 300,000 transformations


File Transfer
$49/month for up to 30gb/month
$99/month for up to 70gb/month
$249/monthfor up to 200gb/month


File Uploader

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"Weavy improves the value of our product and it engages customers. It gets the workflow on our platform"

-Chris Szymansky, Co-Founder and CTO 


Instant access to chat and collaboration.


In-app Chat

Direct message and group chat functions add the benefits of contextual in-app chat for your users. Direct Messaging
Group Chats
Read Receipts


In-app Feeds

Make your app social by creating activity feeds where users can share updates and interact. Use object based feeds so collaboration can happen where the work is being done. Activity Feeds
Objected Based Feeds
Threaded Comments


Third-Party Integrations

Weavy makes your app work with the storage and call services your customers love. Zoom
Microsoft Teams
All File Sharing Services