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The tasks app is for task management. It contains features such as creating and assigning tasks, attaching files, and adding comments


Type: Tasks
Full type: Weavy.Core.Models.Tasks
Guid: f1c835b0-e2a7-4cf3-8900-fe95b6504145


To create a new task app from the client, you use the Object definifion syntax to create it. You need to specify key, type and optionally the container where to place it and a name.

var weavy = new Weavy();

var posts = weavy.space("my_space_key").app({ 

    key: "my_tasks_key", 

    name: "Tasks",

    type: "tasks", 

    container: "#mytaskscontainer" 



Creating tasks 

You can create tasks by simply specifying a task name and hit Enter. You can also create a more detailed task by using the +-sign.

Assigning tasks 

You can assign a task to a user. This can be done in the details view of the task or by @mention the user in the task name, for example, '@johnd Create the documentation.'. You should @mention the user either at the beginning or at the end of the task name.

Images, docs, and files 

You can attach multiple images to a task which will be displayed in a preview overlay. Documents and pdfs are also displayed in a preview overlay and other files are attached with an icon in a list on the task. You can drag and drop images and documents to the task item to attach them directly.


Tasks of special interest can be starred to keep them in your personal Starred list.