Weavy backend

The Weavy backend (or server) is a web application built on .NET that you deploy to your hosting environment of choice.


The backend application consists of several different areas, such as the management interface, drop-in UI, and REST API. Some of these can be customized via configuration and/or code.


The Weavy.Admin area contains a management interface where administrators can perform various tasks such as managing users, apps, directories etc. You can access the area by navigating to the /admin page in your browser. There you will be presented with a login form (if you don't have your admin credentials you can create them by visiting /admin/account and following the instructions).


The Weavy.Dropin area is a feature complete user interface that can be embedded into you application via the drop-in UI frontend library.


The Weavy.Api area contains a REST API with endpoints for manipulating Weavy resources.

Next steps

For more information, see the following resources:

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