Using Google Meet with Weavy

Follow the guide below to enable the Google Meet integration in Weavy.


  • A Google Workspace subscription
  • A Weavy environment with a Pro license

Register app

First you need to create a project in the Google Cloud console. Make sure to enable the Google Meet REST API on the project.

Next configure the OAuth consent screen and create an OAuth 2.0 Client ID in the Credentials section. Under Authorized redirect URIs add an url that points to /x/google/auth in your Weavy environment, e.g.

Configure Weavy

After your credentials have been created you must configure Weavy with the Client ID and Client Secret. For environments hosted on you can log in to the account portal and configure the values directly on your environment.

For self-hosted environments, add the following section to your appsettings.json file.

  "Weavy": {
    "Google": {
      "ClientId": "",
      "ClientSecret": ""