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The Weavy account is where you manage your subscription, support tickets, environments etc.

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Account dashboard

After signing up for an account you get access to a dashboard with information about your organization, your account and an overview of your current billing plan (including free).

This is also where you select products to include in your subscription, get access to support and more.


The account dashboard allows you to create one or more environments, e.g. "Development", "Staging" or "Production".

Each environment has a management page where you can perform various actions such as editing configuration settings, seeing usage stats, scaling and upgrading to newer versions of Weavy as they become available.

Scaling environments

Our scaling options provide different tiers to meet your needs and enhance the performance and storage of your environments. The Basic tier is the entry-level option and is free to use, making it a great starting point.

If you require more performance and storage, you have the option to upgrade to either the Standard or Premium tiers. By choosing one of the paid tiers, you can also add a custom domain to your environment.

It's important to note that environments can be scaled individually. This means you can scale your production environment to a higher tier while keeping your test environment on the Basic tier, allowing you to optimize resources according to your specific requirements.

Custom domains

The custom domain feature is available for all environments on the Standard or Premium tier. This feature allows you to configure your environment to use a domain of your choice.

For example, if you are running the JS UI kit, setting up your environment on a subdomain of your own application can help you avoid Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) errors. This way, you can ensure smooth integration and seamless communication between your application and the environment without any limitations.

API keys

The environment management page is also where you can see the URL and API keys needed for authentication when integrating Weavy into your application.

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