Javascript UI kit reference

The JS UI kit is a JavaScript library that you add to your existing app or website. The library enables you to quickly add collaboration features such as messaging, document collaboration, and more to your application. It handles authentication between your app and the Weavy, and features an API for initializing and rendering Weavy UI components that are served from the Weavy environment.

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Weavy configuration

To be able to use apps in the JS UI kit, you need to configure the url to your weavy environment and provide a tokenFactory that handles authentication from your app. You may also configure various optional options.


Once you have configured Weavy, you can initialize apps. Any contextual app such as chat, files or posts needs to be created server-side using the Web API before it can be used in JS UI kit. The messenger is a non-contextual app that is always available, therefore it doesn't need to be created first.


If things are not working as expected, check the output in the console window of your browser for any warnings and/or errors.

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