<WeavyProvider> options

Option Value Default Description
reactions string [] ['😍', '😎', '😉', '😜', '👍' ] A custom set of emoji (unicode) to use when reacting to a message.
zoomAuthenticationUrl string The url to the zoom authentication url.


<WeavyProvider client={weavyClient} options={{ reactions: ['😂','😉','🥰','😜','🤩'] }} >    
    <Chat uid="product_a"/>    

Fig 1. Setting options on the WeavyProvider component

Weavy features

Depending on your subscription, features can be turned off for specific apps that you add to your application. The feature must be included in your subscription. Each of the apps has a features property where you can specify your requirements. Take a look at the table below which features are available and in what app.

Feature Applies to app
attachments Posts, Files & Chat
cloudFiles Posts, Files & Chat
embeds Posts
meetings Posts & Chat
mentions Posts & Chat
polls Posts
previews Posts, Files & Chat
reactions Posts, Files & Chat
receipts Chat
thumbnails Posts, Files & Chat
typing Chat
comments Posts & Files
versions Files
webDAV Files


<Chat uid="product_a" features={{ cloudFiles: false, mentions: false }} />    

Fig 2. Disabling features for a specific Chat app

<Posts uid="feed_1" features={{ embeds: false, meetings: false, polls: false }} />    

Fig 3. Disabling features for a specific Posts app

<Files uid="files_1" features={{ cloudFiles: false, versions: false, previews: false }} />    

Fig 4. Disabling features for a specific Files app

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