Notifications component

Weavy automatically creates notifications for reactions, mentions and other activities. With the Notifications component you can display these notifications, mark them as read/unread, and handle navigation when a notification is clicked.

Element: <wy-notifications>
Class: WyNotifications

Note that the notifications block is not very useful in itself, but works in collaboration with other components where the actual notifications are generated.


First import and configure Weavy and the WyNotifications component.

import { Weavy, WyNotifications } from "@weavy/uikit-web";

const weavy = new Weavy();
weavy.url = "";
weavy.tokenFactory = async (refresh) => "token_from_server";

Then add the <wy-notifications> component to your HTML.



Property Type Description
uid? string Optional filter to only show notifications for app with uid.

Example: Display notifications for app with specified uid.

<wy-notifications uid="test-chat"></wy-notifications>


Method Returns Description
markAllAsRead() Marks all notifications as read. Respects any filtering set by the uid property.


Clicking a notification in the notifications component emits a wy:link event that you can handle to navigate to the correct page or view in your application.