Styling Chat


You may envision your chat looking differently than Weavy's Chat, and that's perfectly fine! The power of Weavy resides in its high level of customizability. This article will guide you through how to style Weavy Chat using the Server SDK.

Server SDK Layout

In Weavy.sln, the views for Chat are located in Areas/Apps/Views/Messenger and the styles are located at Areas/Apps/Styles/messenger.scssAreas/Apps/Styles/_messenger_modal.scss, and Areas/Apps/Styles/_emojionearea.scss.

Chat Layout

Depending on what you are trying to style, you will be editing different views.

The diagrams below indicate which view corresponds to which area of the Chat.

- Areas/Apps/Views/Messenger/Messenger.cshtml

Orange - Areas/Apps/Views/Messenger/_Conversation.cshtml 

Yellow - Areas/Apps/Views/Messenger/_Messages.cshtml

Green - Areas/Apps/Views/Messenger/_Message.cshtml 

Blue - Areas/Apps/Views/Messenger/_MessageForm.cshtml





Purple  - Areas/Apps/Views/Messenger/_User.cshtml

Pink - Areas/Apps/Views/Messenger/_Profile.cshtml

Weavy UI Components

Lots of Weavy UI components are accessible at https://{your-server-domain}/test. You are welcome to use anything and everything as you see fit to create the perfect chat for your application.