Weavy has support for OpenID Connect. OpenID Connect is a simple identity layer built on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol and is an increasingly common authentication protocol: when an app prompts you to authenticate using your Facebook or Google credentials, the app is probably using OpenID Connect.

Many large identity providers such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Okta and OneLogin support OpenID Connect which makes it easy to configure Weavy to use them as identity providers.


The following settings are required for Weavy to use authentication with OpenID.

Web server 

The Weavy website in IIS must be configured with the following settings:

Anonymous Authentication = Enabled
Forms Authentication = Disabled
Windows Authentication = Disabled


The web.config file should have the following configuration:


   <authentication mode="None" />


Startup Configuration 

Additionally you must add some code to the Startup.cs file located in the App_Start folder. The exact code required to configure OpenID Connect depends on the the provider, but since they all implement the OpenID Connect specification the code is generally pretty similar.


We have written a couple of tutorials with detailed instructions on how to enable Azure AD authentication and Google authentication which are both based on OpenID Connect.