Tenant SDK


Although Weavy is flexible when it comes to hosting, we normally recommend our clients to deploy Weavy to Microsoft Azure. In addition to the other benefits you get from deploying to Azure, it also gives you the ability to use our Tenant SDK for easily provisioning and maintaining multiple Weavy tenants.

Whether you want to use Weavy as is or modify it as described in the Server SDK, you will need a way to facilitate the deployment of tenants. By deploying to Azure, the Tenant SDK can help you with the following:


  • Deploy new tenants
  • Upgrade existing tenants
  • Backup tenants
  • Get metrics and see logs for deployed tenants
  • Start / stop / delete tenants
  • + More


The Tenant SDK is installed in your Azure environment.


Learn the basic concepts of the Tenant SDK.


In order to deploy a new or upgrade an existing Weavy tenant, you will need a build. Builds contains all the files and database scripts needed to deploy or upgrade a tenant.

If you are not familiar with how to create a build; head over to the Server SDK section of and read the Get started and Building & Publishing sections, to get detailed instructions on how to create a build.


A tenant is an individual Weavy installation that you deploy. Normally, you can look at tenants as the logical boundry that seperates your customers. Data is never shared between tenants.

Tenants can be deployed and upgraded using different builds, which allows you to customize each tenant individually.


The Tenant Dashboard is the user interface for everything that has to do with deploying and managing your Weavy tenants.


The Tenant API sits on top of the Tenant Dashboard and gives you programatic access to deployment and management functions.