Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to Weavy or looking to start using our SDK and API, this FAQ will help you learn more and find resources.

Get to know Weavy

What is Weavy and how does it work?

Weavy is a white-label SDK and API with embeddable features including in-app chat, feeds, tasks, and document collaboration.

Our SDK and API enhances your app with more features at a low cost and in a short time frame making you more competitive and adding monetization opportunities. 

How much does Weavy cost?

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. Flat rates that get you all the features with minimal limitations. Growth friendly.

Check out our pricing.


How long does it take to embed Weavy into my app?

Honestly, it can be done in hours, but it really depends on the use case and how much you want to customize.

We've designed the SDK and API from the bottom up for fast implementation with a rich Client SDK, a Drop-in UI so you don't have to think about the interface, and built-in security - all so you can focus on your core app.

What's included in the support?

The support that's included in your subscription gives you access to all minor and major updates of Weavy as they are released.

You also get access to our world-class customer success team before, during, and after the implementation of Weavy.

Can you help us?

Of course, our team can do the entire project for you. We've done it many times, so you're in good hands.

Do I have to add all the features everywhere?

No, not at all. You can selectively decide what to use and where in your app.

In some cases, you may only want feeds in a view and in other views you might want all of the features. It’s up to you and the implementation is easy.

How do I buy Weavy?

That's an easy question - just sign up for an account, and get the stuff you want!

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Weavy technology stuff

How do I embed Weavy?

You'll primarily use our Client SDK which is a JavaScript library.

Through the library, you can add all our features: instant messaging, notifications, document collaboration, and more wherever you want in your app.

Check out Weavy docs for more information.

Weavy Docs

Can I customize Weavy?

You sure can. Through our Server SDK, you have full control of what's happening.

You can build Apps, Hooks, Daemons, Content Types, and you can customize the whole UI - as said, you're in full control.

Where's Weavy hosted?

Weavy is an SDK and API you deploy in your own infrastructure side by side with your existing app - this means it can even be on-premise if needed.

This gives you;

1) high security - it's as secure as your own environment,

2) better performance - no time costly turn around to servers you don't have control over,

3) no dependencies - you're in full control over your SLA.

Where are files stored?

They're stored in the database or configured blob storage of Weavy.

Since Weavy is a framework that's hosted in your own environment all data, including files, is under your full control.

How about HIPAA, GDPR, etc?

You own and control all data stored in Weavy, and all the data is stored in your own environment.

How do you handle SSO?

We offer a Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication flow to seamlessly allow users to sign in. This is accomplished by using a JSON Web Token (JWT).

How does permissions work in Weavy?

All permissions are set programmatically and defined by your app. In essence, they are inherited from your app.

How secure is Weavy?

Since Weavy is a framework hosted in your own environment (cloud, on-premise, private cloud, etc) it is as secure as the rest of the data you're handling.

Can I use Weavy outside my app too?

Yes. You can embed Weavy into any context. 

Let's imagine a use case around a CRM app.

Say, on a customer card you have embedded Document Collaboration and a Feeds from Weavy. The same context can also be embedded into, for example, a self service customer portal.

This means that your users can seamlessly communicate and collaborate with external users without leaving your app delivering an unprecedented customer service all the way through. Pretty good, right?

Can't find what you're looking for?

Then fire away and ask us anything and we'll get back to you ASAP.