Activity feeds

Use <weavy/> Drop-in UI to embed activity feeds in your app in minutes.

To embed our activity feeds you need a JWT sub, and your personal sub is ###
Load the <weavy/> client library and authenticate with our JWT sub. Place the script in your <head>
<script src=""></script>
  var sub = "###";
  var weavy = new Weavy({ jwt: sub });
Next you'll initiate and render the in-app activity feeds feature. The #container is the placeholder in your HTML. Our UI is responsive, so it will automatically adapt if you render it full-screen or embedded into a smaller widget.{ key: "###" }).app({ key: "af", type: "posts", container: "#feed" });

To add it to your mobile app, start with adding the <weavy/> web view available as a Nuget Package to your Xamarin.Forms project.

  Get the  <weavy/> WebView for Xamarin.Forms nuget

When you have your project up and running with the web view, add the namespace and the <weavy/> WebView control in the .xaml view.


In the .cs file, add the following to initialize and load the in-app messenger.

weavyWebView.AuthenticationToken = "###";
weavyWebView.InitCompleted += (s, a) => { weavyWebView.Load(); };

Note that this is one way of adding <weavy/> to your mobile app. You can choose between the <weavy/> Web View as in this sample (if your project is a Xamarin.Forms app), a native web view (for the hybrid app approach) or a pure native approach where you create rest api endpoints for the functionality you want to integrate.

Done! You now got activity feeds in both your web and mobile app - just like that. For more information check out the <weavy/> docs site, and specifically the Client SDK and Mobile Client SDK.


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