Striking Balance 2022

with Weavy & Wijmo


END DATE: Sep 30, 2022


Sample Projects

1) Wijmo Weavy Hackathon

This repository consists of a backend build pipeline and a frontend pipeline tied together using npm. It is pre configured for Wijmo components and Weavy apps. It uses NodeJS as a server and shows how you can create JWT tokens using JavaScript.

2) Rich UI App

This application is built with webpack used to bundle the Handlebars, JavaScript, and CSS files. It uses a NodeJS/Express backend to serve the bundled files. It is pre-configured to use Wijmo and Weavy libraries and shows a richer UI that stimulates your imagination with more Wijmo controls.

3) StackBlitz Dashboard

This is a simple stack blitz that shows how you can load data from the cloud, show it in interactive grid and chart controls, and allow users to show a chat window where they can exchange messages with other users.

4) ASP.NET Dashboard

This sample is similar to the previous ones, but uses a slightly different stack. It uses ASP.NET for user authentication, and React for the UI. The main difference is that this app has a client-side part that creates JWT tokens to be used by the Weavy client.