START DATE: Jan 6, 2022


END DATE: Jan 19, 2022 08:28


END DATE: Jan 19, 2022



India Automobile Hackathon

In recent years, the use of technology has increased in many areas including the automobile industry. The use of technology in the automobile industry has brought many benefits, including simplification and convenience in the purchasing, after-sales processes, utilization of vehicles.

For example, the traditional car-purchase experiences are basically visiting a showroom, seeing a car with your own eyes, and taking it for a test drive, then you purchase it if you like it. But it has been enhanced by online purchasing experiences such as High-speed Internet and XR technology recently. 

In terms of the use of automobiles, there is a wide range of ways in which the automobile can be used as a personal space. Also, the automobile itself can be used as a sensor, not only for smart city applications but also can be a monitor to check the health of the car for preventing and predicting any future breakdowns.

When 5G, which is expected to be widespread in the near future, becomes available for automobiles, they will be used for many more purposes than they are now. Not only allowing people to enjoy driving but also to use their cars to enjoy other things by utilizing its space. It can also make a better buying experience possible when customers are thinking purchase.

With the crossover of technology and automobiles, we believe that we can see a new automobile industry through this hackathon, we would like to find innovative ideas and solutions on the theme of "New Digital Transformation through Automobiles in India".