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Embedded Collaboration

Only Weavy enables you to connect, communicate, and collaborate with your teams in and across SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Power BI, Office 365, Azure Portal, and more while preserving continuity in any context.

Where work really happens

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Embedded Collaboration
Team communication apps should be where you are. No matter what web application you're using, Weavy is always accessible for you to involve your team, access shared information, and get work done together without ever leaving your individual context.
Office 365
The many are smarter than the one. Engage your team from Excel, Powerpoint, and Word documents. Access vital resources without leaving Outlook. Weavy is at hand whether you are online or in the desktop apps.
Weavy embeds in and connects all your SharePoint sites and installations: 2010, 2013, 2016, and Online. They can be running on-premise, in private clouds, or both. Avoid SharePoint migration, and no need to change the pesky configuration of your legacy system.
Dynamics 365
Need an update on an account? Where is the latest presentation? Weavy is there for you (seriously, right there). Communicate and share in real-time without switching from Dynamics.
Power BI
Share intelligence and make decisions faster. Get data and insights instantly to key stakeholders, even if you're in Power BI and they aren't. (They likely don't want to be.)
Azure Dashboard
Stay connected with your team to monitor your virtual machines and networks. Weavy recognizes your context and lets you share code snippets, create knowledgebase articles, and more – right where the information is needed.




A new approach to effective communication in the workplace: truly unified communications. Don't use more tools than you need. Figure out where work really happens, and let Weavy connect those apps.

Access files from any app. Start a discussion that stays with the work. Resume the conversation in your next app. Share with and delegate to your team across sites. Receive notifications anywhere you need to.

We call that continuous collaboration.

Building Blocks

Collaboration isn't just one thing; it's a range of features. We call those Building Blocks.

Building Blocks included in Weavy: Instant Messaging, Task Management, Secure File Sharing, Contextual Newsfeeds, Document Collaboration, and more.

Single Sign-On

Weavy works perfectly with all your Microsoft web apps and sites, and out of the box we support Active Directory, Azure AD, and Google Authentication.

In other words, one seamless login and you never have to think about Weavy credentials as you use your apps.


Weavy integrates with OneDrive, Office 365, and more, enabling you to add documents and access files from every web app.

For The Makers

Want to create custom tools? Your own integrations? New Building Blocks?

Go and show off. Through our SDK you can build and integrate whatever you need and then embed it anywhere, or everywhere.


What's the 4-1-1?

Get a convenient package with our case study, one pager, and deck for Microsoft customers.