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<embed/> team communication and collaboration in your app.

<weavy/> is a full-stack development framework adding feature complete team communication and collaboration capabilities to your app.

Feature complete team communication and collaboration.
Right there, in your app.

For who?

For the makers - software vendors, app developers, engineers, ISVs - seeking to make their apps significant better and more competitive with embedded team communication and collaboration

What does it do?

It instantly adds contextual team communication and collaboration features to your app such as instant messaging, document collaboration, file sharing with integrations to Office 365, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more.


Embed our Drop-in UI in your app by pasting one simple code snippet, create deep integrations through our API and create your own <weavy/> apps with our SDK.

One simple script.

That’s all it takes to instantly embed the building blocks of <weavy/> in your app.

We call our features in <weavy/> building blocks and with our SDK + API, you can create your own building blocks, customize existing, build integrations, and more.

Office 365

Open and edit all Office 365 files from within your app.

Instant Messaging

Add instant messaging and group chat through our Drop-in UI.

File Sharing and Storage

Securley share files and preview just about any format without leaving your app.

Document Collaboration

Create, edit, and collaborate with online documents embedded in your app.


Leverage our integrations with Microsoft Yammer, Trello, Google Drive, and more.

Cloud Storage

Support sharing files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and more in your app.


Persistent conversations attached to all the views in your app.


Contextual discussion feed in your app with threaded comments, polls, images, and more.

Video Calls

Embedded video conferencing without leaving your work.


Use our notifications framework and push about anything in your app.


Create your own <weavy/> apps, integrations, and more.

Single sign-on

Built-in support for Active Directory, Azure AD and Google, or create your own providers.


With the power of Microsoft Azure and automated provisioning, you're ready to scale.


Clone our Xamarin projects and publish your own apps to App Store and Google Play.

Let us show you...

Drop the built-in UI in your app and build deep integrations with our SDK + API.

Drop-in UI

Drop our built-in UI into your app with one simple script.

Show me


Our API + SDK lets you interact with the full range of capabilities the <weavy/> engine offers: SSO, integrations, notifications, mobile, extensions, cloud storage, and more.

The API is organized around the REST protocol and our SDK consits of Visual Studios Templates where you more or less can do everything.

Go ahead. Clone, fork, build, and merge.

Weavy API

                            Sample request; HTTP POST /api/comments
  "attached_to": {
    "id": 1,
    "type": "post"
  "text": "@jane A sample comment"

Sample response; 
  "type": "comment",
  "text": "@jane A sample comment",
  "created_at": "2017-09-15T07:10:25.4732783Z",
  "tokens": [
      "type": "mention",
      "value": "jane",
      "start": 0,
      "end": 5
  "url": "/comments/1"


Clone. Fork. Build. Merge.

Show me

Drop-in UI

The Drop-in UI is called widgets.

The widget can contain one or more spaces connected to your app, both globally and specific views througout your app.

A space consists of building blocks: posts, files, document collaboration, cloud storage, integrations to Asana, Trello and more.

Embed Script

                            var weavy_options = { ids: [1], url: 'https://###/' }; 
(function (w, d) { 
    var weavyWidget; 
    function l() { 
        var s = d.createElement('script'); 
        s.src = 'https://####/javascript/widget.js?v=1.1.0'; 
        s.onload = function() { 
        	  weavyWidget = new Weavy(weavy_options); 
        x = d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; 
        x.parentNode.insertBefore(s, x); 
    if (w.attachEvent) { 
        w.attachEvent('onload', l); 
    } else { 
        w.addEventListener('load', l, false); 

(window, document)



<weavy/> embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365

See <weavy/> in full action, white labeled as Dynamics Connect seamlessly embedded and completely contextual.

show me how it looks

This is just one sample of <weavy/> embedded and how it could look like... now imagine how this would look like in your app.

Your burning questions

Everything you wanted to know about <weavy/> but were too scared to ask.

What is <weavy/>?

<weavy/> is a full-stack development framework adding feature complete team communication and collaboration features to your app.

What's all this talk about Building Blocks?

Modern collaboration requires a range of capabilities. We call those Building Blocks. You can choose which ones to add to your apps.

Included in <weavy/> with no additional development: Posts, Instant Messaging and Group Chat, Document Collaboration, Secure File Sharing and Storage, and Integrations with Office 365, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more with every release.

You can also create your own Building Blocks — Meeting Notes, Wikis, ...basically anything.

Drop-in UI or build on my own? Clarify, please.

The Drop-in UI is ready out of the box. You'll be able to embed a Swiss Army knife of collaboration features in your apps with one simple script. You can set your colors, logos and fonts without coding anything. We did that for you. You're welcome.

To build your own means you can show off your development skills. Whatever your app is built in: PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, .NET... it doesn't matter. You can use the our SDK + API to add everything collaborative.

And you can mix and match. Throw both Drop-in UI and our SDK + API in there and you have a strong combo to achieve anything.

Can I use <weavy/> stand-alone as well?

Yes! Great for when your users need to invite external users that doesn't have access to your app to collaborate.

Use <weavy/> stand-alone, an embedded user interface, a browser extension, or all of the above. That's just how versatile <weavy/> is.

I've built a QuickBooks killer. Should I embed <weavy/>?

Does the Pope have a funny hat? Of course you should. This will make your app more useful, more competitive, more engaging and really pick up that fight with QuickBooks.

What we know is collaboration. We've spent years perfecting internal processes and building the right technology so that teams run smoothly. We poured all that knowledge into <weavy/> for you to leverage.

So here's the thing. You've built a great accounting app. Your customers are able to balance their books, but how well is your app at helping your users connect with their team? Can they chat about an invoice? Can they ask for comments on a P&L? Can they upload and work on documents together? If they can't, then your app isn't collaborative.

We just want to make sure your app is keeping your users engaged at all times. We don't want them to leave your app to do everything else, right?

Psst... as of today QuickBooks has zero, zip, zilch, no collaboration capabilities... just saying.

Another psst... you can add <weavy/> to anything, you know? Not just accounting... it could be a CRM, ERP, BI, logistics app or whatever you want.

I have tons of customers using my app, does <weavy/> scale?

Yes, it does, and with security in mind. We have a ready to go framework to provision unique and siloed <weavy/> instances for each and every one of your customers.

Do you have a showcase, so I can see it in action?

Dynamics Connect is a great example to see our Drop-in UI in action, white labeled and completely embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Check it out

I want to play around and try it out. Do you have a sandbox?

Glad you asked. The short answer is YES. The long answer is, sign up for an account here and we go from there.

When your account is set up you'll have access to our Marketing Playbook, SDK + API docs, pricing model, the option to setup a sandbox, and more.

Sign up

<weavy/>... what kind of name is that?

Well, it is what it sounds like... kind of.

We like to say that we're weaving together apps, people, groups, integrations and functionality into one place—where work really happens - in your app.

So, <weavy/>, like thread.

Last but not least... why use <weavy/>?

Because just about every app out there needs collaboration, and we gurantee your users are craving it.

And we've seen time over time that by adding <weavy/> to your app, you'll significantly increase your user engagement and adoption.

The future of collaboration is embedded, and you're ahead of your time. That's why!

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