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We're in the business of providing solutions for modern challenges in collaboration

Whatever industry you're in, let us help you help your users

The Challenge

Product managers and software developers are often short on time and resources

But you’re driven to create the best products possible for your users

When building software like CRMs, BI, ERPs, and other SaaS, your main focus is nailing the primary functions. With increasing competition in all app markets, there is very little room for branching out into unknown territory or working on building out features that are not within your area of expertise. In general, it means that:

Your team may be highly specialized

Building new features is timely and costly

It is more likely that you stick to what you know

The Solution

But users have increasing expectations for app features and capabilities

So how do you deliver what the people want?

When every modern business app needs to underscore productivity and collaboration, it’s tough to know where to begin. <weavy/> embedded chat and collaboration framework adds crowd-pleasing functionality within your existing app, customizable to your branding and specifications. It means that:

There’s no need to hire a new team

Ramp up time and cost is comparatively minimal

You can stick to what you know, we do the rest

See how our white-label framework provides solutions for some of the biggest application industries



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