Business Intelligence

BI and Analytics platforms were built to drive business forward

Weavy embedded in your app breaks silos and enables seamless collaboration, turning insights into actions in real-time

The users of Business Intelligence software expect comprehensive integrations

So why should your users not have integrated collaboration right in their app?

You know that analytics apps are only as good as the ability for users to review, discuss, and apply insights directly to their business. When it comes to building out a more comprehensive BI applications, there are a few simple truths we keep in mind:

Reports must be easy to create and share internally

BI/Analytics work best when there are clear actions to take

You know dashboards and reporting, but not necessarily collaboration

The more your customers can do inside your platform...

The more they’ll view it as crucial to their business. That’s a no brainer.

With Weavy you can add functions for messaging and collaboration without worrying about development time, thus quickly improving your customers' communication, transparency, and processes for acting on important metrics. This means you can focus on your core competencies while still providing great customer experiences. Plus:

Your platform becomes an action-driven powerhouse

You delight your customers by going beyond what is currently offered

It doesn’t take any of your own valuable resources to build

This is how you do it


Secure File Sharing

Allow your customers to easily and securely share metrics reports directly within the BI platform

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Give your users ways to create and manage to-dos to ensure nothing slips through the cracks

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Provide an overview of posts and conversations to users that they can view in real-time or catch up with later

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