CRMs were made to build bridges and streamline marketing, sales, and customer service

Weavy is the collaboration SDK & API that helps you build the right bridges and streamline the teams who use your CRM

You build your CRM for teams to use together

So why do your users have to leave your app to collaborate around it?

CRMs have become a crucial foundation for many businesses to better manage customers and the sales pipeline. When it comes to building out a more comprehensive CRM product, there are a few simple truths we keep in mind:

Task/app switching is a major hindrance for productivity

CRMs work best when there is transparency and clear documentation

You know data management, but not necessarily collaboration

The more your users can do inside your app...

The more they’ll use it to work together. That’s a no brainer.

With Weavy, you can provide your users with more features and functionalities that allow them to collaborate around your app, improving workflows, transparency, and communication. You not only create better customer experiences, you create a product that’s invaluable. Plus:

Your platform becomes a productivity powerhouse

You delight your customers by going beyond what is currently offered

It doesn’t take any of your own valuable resources to build

This is how you do it:


In-App Chat

Give your users a way to easily discuss contacts, actions, and other important details contextually within your app

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Provide an overview of posts and conversations to users that they can view in real-time or catch up with later

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Users assign their own, or delegate to-dos with an overview that the entire team can see to understand upcoming responsibilities

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