Fast, reliable, and secure in-app messaging and collaboration.

Allow your end-users to streamline all aspects of their business and foster usability of your app.

Your number #1 priority is to create a secure and reliable app for your users.

Offering in-app messaging, file sharing, and collaboration has been a challenge - until now.

Today your users are pushed into using email to clarify the status of processes or discuss and resolve other issues, slowing down workflow and stripping away all context. 

With <weavy/> you can add state-of-the-art in-app messaging and collaboration without compromising data security, privacy, or regulatory requirements.

In-app messaging

Be your own Telegram - offer secure, reliable, and fast messaging from within your app.

Secure file sharing

Offer Dropbox like features and integrations for your users within your app with 100% security and privacy.

Any business, any role

Your end-users, in any business or across any role, whether they are accountants, CROs, CEOs, Bookkeepers, or Account Managers, will thank you for giving them the tools they need for their daily workflow.

The more your users can do inside your app.

The more they’ll use it to work together. That’s a no brainer.

With <weavy/>, you can provide your users with more features and functionalities that allow them to collaborate around your app, improving workflows, transparency, and communication. You not only create better customer experiences, you create a product that’s invaluable. Plus:

Your platform becomes a productivity powerhouse

You delight your users by going beyond what is currently offered

It doesn’t take any of your own valuable resources to build

This is how you do it:


Instant Messaging

Secure, fast, and reliable in-app messaging for your users.

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Secure group conversations around KPIs, account details, projections, and more.

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Secure File Sharing

Securely create, edit, share and collaborate with files from within your app.

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