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The Challenge

Product managers and software developers are often short on time and resources

But you’re driven to create apps that are engaging and retain users

When building software like CRMs, BI, ERPs, and other SaaS, your main focus is often nailing the core functions. But with increasing competition in all app markets, you need to look to differentiating your product which can call for adding features that are not within your area of expertise. In general, it means that:

Your team may be highly specialized

Building new features is timely and costly

It is more likely that you stick to what you know

The Solution

But your app needs to be engaging

So how do you deliver what the people want?

When every modern business app needs to underscore productivity and collaboration, it’s tough to know where to begin. Weavy in-app chat and collaboration API and SDK adds crowd-pleasing functionality within your existing app, customizable to your branding and specifications. It means that:

There’s no need to hire a new team

Ramp up time and cost is comparatively minimal

You can stick to what you know, we do the rest

See our API & SDK use cases for some of the biggest app industries


Let users collaborate around important objects.

Weavy API and SDK can take your CRM app to the next level, providing functionality that customers are increasingly demanding and which the industry leaders are already doing.

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Increase in-app retention.

Enabling your users to drive real-time productive conversations and collaborate around their data and KPI’s that are in your app will increase time spent in your app.

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looking at dashboard

Fast, reliable, and secure in-app chat and collaboration.

Foster usability of your app by allowing your users to streamline all aspects of their business.

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Transform the education world.

Empower your users with in-app chat, document collaboration, and feeds to discuss lectures, assignments, projects, set up study groups, and more.

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Increase your value through the addition of new chat and collaboration features.

As a software as a service provider, you always need to be top of your game and provide value to your customers over time to increase engagement and reduce churn.

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