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Let's do this!

You're ready to start experimenting with <weavy/>, the embedded framework for collaboration in your app.

Where is it?

Well, look over there...

Simplifying your work.

<weavy/> will follow you around throughout your app.

Your teams, files, and knowledge are just a click away.

All the time. Everywhere.

Go ahead. Click the "bubbles".

It's all about you.

This bubble is your individual work universe. Here you'll find notifications, shortcuts to starred content, and drafts.

If you haven't already, add that photo you love of yourself to your profile.

Click that smiling fellow in the upper left corner to update your profile and settings.

Messaging in and across all your app. Where work really happens.

Instantly reaching your team has never been easier.

Teams and Projects.
The of <weavy/>.

Create or join teams and projects.
These spaces connect you to relevant content and activity.

Go ahead, click or create a team or project to get started.

The information you need. Where you need it.

This is your team or project workspace.

POSTS: Share progress updates. Poll your colleagues. Show the latest charts. Give feedback.
@ mention people and teams to pull them into the conversation.

FILES: This is the core of your workspace. Add, centralize, and collaborate on documents from your computer or any cloud storage service.

Just click the to add your first file or folder.

Now head over to your app and see how <weavy/> will interact with your context.

Where is it?

Well, look over there...

Go ahead. Click the "bubble" and login.

That's it for now. You've got the basics.
Get started connecting with your teams more efficiently.
Don't forget! Weavy follows you as you navigate across work contexts. Remember to connect workspaces to your frequent web apps so it can anticipate your needs.