Weavy Docs

Learn how to quickly add collaboration features to any app with Weavy. You can use our backend and frontend libraries as-is, or clone them and completely customize every aspect of Weavy.

Get started

To get started with Weavy you first need to set up the Weavy backend, and then add one of the frontend libraries to your application.

The Weavy backend is a web application that you deploy to your hosting environment of choice. It exposes a REST API with endpoints that that the frontend libraries can use when rendering the Weavy user interface.

Depending on the technology used in your application we offer several different frontend libraries. The quickest and easiest way to get started is with our drop-in UI (a fully featured user interface that you add to your application with just a few lines of code), or you can use one of our UI-kits which makes it possible to use a more modular approach. You can also build a completely custom user interface by working directly against the REST API.

Next steps

For more information, see the following resources:

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