The Zoom integration allows you to start an instant meeting or join a meeting in the Weavy Messenger.

Setting Up Zoom Integration 


  • A Zoom standard account.
  • A Zoom Pro or Business account. This is only required if you want to use cloud recordings. Recorded meetings will automatically show up in the Weavy Messenger when the meeting has ended.

Creating a Zoom app 

The first thing you need to do is to create a Zoom app. Sign in to your Zoom account and go to your Zoom apps.

  1. In the top right corner, select Develop -> Build App
  2. Select the OAuth app type and click Create
  3. Choose User-managed app and de-select that the app should be published on the Zoom Marketplace
  4. On the App Credentials page, enter the Redirect URL for OAuth. This is the url that Zoom will redirect to when the user is authenticated. The url should be https://{your-weavy-url}/meetings/zoom/auth
  5. Enter https://{your-weavy-url} as a white listed URL. Click Continue
  6. On the Information page, enter the information you would like to show when the user signs in. Click Continue.
  7. On the Feature page, you have the possibility to enable some webhooks that Weavy can listed to. This is optional. At the moment, Weavy listens to the following events:
    • End Meeting - the meeting card in Weavy Messenger shows that the meeting has ended
    • All Recordings have completed - the meeting card in Weavy Messenger displays a link to the recorded meeting
    If you want to use the webhooks above, enter the following URL as Event notification endpoint URL, https://{your-weavy-url}/a/meetings/zoom/events. Select the events you want to subscribe to (meeting ended and/or recording completed). Save the event subscription and take note of the Verification token generated.
  8. On the Scopes page, add the following scopes:
  9. You're done! Please take note of the Client ID and Client Secret generated on the App Credentials page. You will need them in the next step.

Configuring Weavy 

Now it's time to configure Weavy and enable the Zoom integration. Depending on where you keep your Weavy settings (settings.config, web.config or Azure) this step is different. Please take a look at Configuration for the different methods you can use for specifying settings. This example assumes you keep the settings in settings.config.

The following settings are required to enable the Zoom integration:


   <add key="weavy.zoom-meetings" value="true" />

   <add key="weavy.zoom-client-id" value="{your-zoom-client-id}" />

   <add key="weavy.zoom-client-secret" value="{your-zoom-client-secret}" />      


If you enabled Event subscription (webhooks) in the Zoom app, the vertification token must also be set:



   <add key="weavy.zoom-webhook-verification-token" value="{your-zoom-verification-token}" />  


Test the Zoom integration 

Go to the Weavy Messenger, https://{your-weavy-url}/messenger and select or create a new conversation.

You should now see a new Video icon next to the message input field. Click the icon to add a new Zoom Meeting. The first time you add a meeting, you will need to Sign in to continue. Click on the Sign in link and enter your Zoom credentials.

When signed in, you can add a message, attach document or just send the message. A meeting will be created in Zoom and a Zoom Meeting card will be attached to your Weavy message. Click on the Start meeting button to open up Zoom and start the meeting. Other users will see a Join link to the meeting.