Building block features

This page contains an overview and short description of the features included in our building blocks. Not all features are included in every building block, see the documentation for each individual block for a list of features.

Direct messages

Secure one to one communication between two users, including reactions, sharing of files and document previews.

Group chats

Create a group of select people and start chatting, add reactions, share files and preview documents and much more.

Video calls

Integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams for video calls.


Easily share files with others from your computer or from cloud providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc.

File previews

Thumbnails and previews of uploaded files directly in the UI. Handles most common document and image formats such as PDF, Microsoft Office, text, code etc.


We keep your data secure with best-in-class security - data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

Unread message counter

Indicator on how many unread messages you have in each ongoing conversation.

Presence indicator

UI shows a small circle showing if participants are online, away or disconnected.


You get notified when a new message arrives, a new file is uploaded etc.

Read receipts

When a participant has read your message you'll see their avatar just below the message.

URL Previews

Rich preview of links attached to messages, posts and comments.


Mention other users to notify them that their attention is needed.

Delivery confirmation

Shows a small check mark below the message when it has been successfully sent, but not yet read by any participant(s).

Typing indicators

Clear indication in the UI gives you a hint that someone is typing you a new message.

Google Drive support

Use and share files from Google Drive right inside the UI.

Dropbox support

Use and share files from Dropbox right inside the UI.

OneDrive support

Use and share files from OneDrive rights inside the UI.

File uploader

Secure and reliable file uploads directly from your device.


Open and edit Microsoft Office files directly from your application with the WebDAV protocol without needing to manually download, edit and re-upload files.

File versioning

We keep multiple versions of a file stored so you can go back to earlier versions if needed.


You can add comments to files and posts to provide feedback and thoughts and boost collaboration with colleagues.

News feeds

Create a space where users can post news and updates, stand alone or tied to in-app objects.


You can easily create polls and let users decide on up to ten different options.

Comment threads

Users can comment on posts and create threads with ongoing discussions.

Emoji reactions

Add emoji reactions to signal what you think.

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