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Chat API & SDK

Weavy's developer tools for your apps make adding critical features easier than ever. Everything you need including frontend frameworks, webhooks, tutorials, docs, and more

Weavy & your app

A match made in the cloud

Integrate chat directly into your app without taking on technical debt or neglecting your core product

Feature complete

Everything users expect from a chat experience built and ready to embed.

Building blocks

UI components that are pre-built using the major frameworks.

Deploy in minutes

Spin up full staging, testing, and production environments in minutes.

Packet managed

Install Chat components directly from NuGet and npm.

Ready, fork, develop

Get our Open Source UI on GitHub - clone, fork, and start developing.

Built to serve

Host from your private cloud, on-prem, and anything in between.

Designed for developers of all skill levels

You're the captain now

Our developer tools are designed to enable you to ship a fully-featured in-app chat experience quickly and efficiently


Open-Source, feature-complete Chat UI for your tech stack or platform.


Support for several platforms including Atlassian, HubSpot, Retool, Wix, and more.


Webhooks to build integrations that subscribe to events on the Chat backend.