What is Weavy?

We build great stuff so you don't have to


Our company

"In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit." ... is sadly not how Weavy started, this is the A-Team. But what Rickard Hansson and his A-team did create was the easiest way to add collaboration functionality to web apps. So easy that he called the company Weavy, because good functionality is only great when the user feels it’s neatly woven together.

But you're a developer, you already knew this. 



Built for developers

Weavy is an unashamedly 'developer-first' company. Whether you are a hardcore full stacker, or a DIY developer using a Low Code platform, we get you, and we hope the way we build software, support the community, and operate makes your life easier. 

Like the A-Team we're here to save your day. Many days actually - of unnecessary coding and integration challenges. 


Our ethos

Weavy was founded on the simple idea that developers want to do what they do best - build great products. Anything that gets in the way of this is a hassle. 

Spread across 9 timezones, we know about the challenges of remote working, and how good the tech needs to be to make collaboration as seamless as possible. When it sucks, it REALLY sucks. 

As devs ourselves it means a lot to us that we build and support the kind of  functionality your users expect in a way that's easy for you, and affordable for those who pay the bills.


Our culture

We're tinkerers, builders, and engineers. We know how satisfying it is to create something beautiful, useful, and functional. We like freedom to innovate, and opportunities to experiment - but our focus is always … “Does this make a developer’s life easier?”

A globally-minded team based in the US and Sweden, combining the electrifying drive of a North American business with the benefits of a Scandinavian company,.

We have a 'come as you are and be your true self' mentality. We are quite a unique bunch, and we're proud of that.

Some of the weavers

Meet the leaders of our team, committed to helping you make your apps even better