What is Weavy?

Human-centered through and through


Our company

"Change is a constant" - Rickard Hansson, Co-founder & CEO

Weavy was created with one thing in mind: empowering developers to compete in a marketplace where remote and hybrid work were rapidly becoming the norm.

Since our beginnings, we've completely rebuilt our code base, overhauled our pricing model to reflect a true definition of active users, and revitalized our branding to reflect how much has changed in four short years. But no matter how much changes one thing remains constant: our product team knows collaboration features inside and out.

When you partner with Weavy you're not just getting our tech, you're getting decades of collective experience building these APIs and SDKs.


Our ethos

We started this journey with one mission in mind: to help product managers and developers like us focus on what they do best: building a great product.

We aim to support the community by providing the communication and productivity functionality users expect in a way that's easy for developers and affordable for product managers.

We're tinkerers, builders, and engineers. We know how satisfying it is to create something beautiful, useful, and functional. 

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Our culture

Spread across 9 time zones, we know a thing or two about remote collaboration and the need for team communication. But what keeps us moving forward together is a deep belief in our mission and a plan to succeed. We believe the best way to achieve our goals is a human-centered approach to work that emphasizes trust, balance, and individuality.

The captains behind our vision

Meet the leaders of our team, committed to making developer tools available to everyone