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Weave collaboration into the fabric of your app.

The world's first framework with the building blocks to add collaboration to your mobile and web apps.

Weavy.The complete framework for collaboration.


For start-ups, app companies, system administrators or developers looking to add collaboration to the apps they've built or manage.


We're the Swiss Army Knife of collaboration features. Every feature is embeddable in your app or site with our framework.


Embed our Drop-In UI into your app with one simple script. Then pick and choose your Building Blocks or create a deeper integration with our API.

Microsoft and Weavy Team Collaboration

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Startup Program

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Building Blocks

You've built something amazing, now make it collaborative with our Building Blocks.

Office 365

Open and edit Office 365 documents from within your app.

Instant Messaging

Add instant messaging to your app through our Drop-in UI or the API.

File Sharing

Share files and preview just about any format internally and externally through your app.

Document Collaboration

Create, edit, and collaborate with online documents embedded in your app.

Task Management

Work with task lists and action boards embedded in your app.


Leverage our integrations and embed Dropbox, Office 365, and more in your app.


Embed comments to any entity or view in your app.


Complete discussion feed in your app with threaded comments, polls, scraping, and more.

Video Calls

Enable 1-1 video calls through instant messaging embedded in your app.


Push notifications about anything through our API in your app.

Build your own

Create your own building blocks with Weavy and deploy in your app.

Single sign-on

Built-in support for Active Directory, Azure AD and Google, or create your own providers.


With the power of Microsoft Azure and automated provisioning, you're ready to scale.


Build and publish your own mobile app with the Weavy Xamarin project template.

Add Weavy to your app

Drop the built-in UI anywhere in your app or build your own components with our API

Drop-in UI

Drop Weavy's built-in UI into your application with a simple script.

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The Weavy API lets you integrate with, and build tools and apps on top of Weavy.

The API is organized around REST with predictable, resource-oriented URLs, and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.

Weavy uses built-in HTTP features, like HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs, which are understood by off-the-shelf HTTP clients.

Weavy API

                            Sample request; HTTP POST /api/comments
  "attached_to": {
    "id": 1,
    "type": "post"
  "text": "@jane A sample comment"

Sample response; 
  "type": "comment",
  "text": "@jane A sample comment",
  "created_at": "2017-09-15T07:10:25.4732783Z",
  "tokens": [
      "type": "mention",
      "value": "jane",
      "start": 0,
      "end": 5
  "url": "/comments/1"


Get full control and build your own components using our API.

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Drop-in UI

The Drop-in UI is called Strips.

Choose one or more building blocks to include in a Strip and embed with a simple script. No additional programming needed.

You can have multiple Strips with different building blocks embedded in your app.

Strip Snippet

                            var weavy_config = { id: #, url: 'https://###' }; 

(function (w, d) { 
    var weavy; 
    function l() { 
        var s = d.createElement('script'); 
        s.src = 'https://###/javascript/widget.js?v=1.0.0'; 
        s.onload = function() { 
            weavy = new Weavy(weavy_config); 
        x = d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; 
        x.parentNode.insertBefore(s, x); 
    if (w.attachEvent) { 
        w.attachEvent('onload', l); 
    } else { 
        w.addEventListener('load', l, false); } 
(window, document)

Weavy in the Wild

This isn't theoretical. The biggest name in tech is a believer.

Weavy brings collaboration to Microsoft's Dynamics 365 with Dynamics Connect.

show me how it looks

See Weavy's Drop-in UI in action, white labeled as Dynamics Connect embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Your burning questions

Everything you wanted to know about Weavy but were too scared to ask.

What is Weavy?

Collaboration is not a product, it's a feature. With Weavy, the world's first collaboration framework, you can add collaboration as a feature to any web and mobile app with one simple script.

What's all this talk about Building Blocks?

Collaboration is not just one thing, it's a range of features and we call those Building Blocks. You can pick or choose which ones to add to your app.

Building Blocks included in Weavy: Instant Messaging, Task Management, Doucment Collaboration, File Sharing, Discussions, and integrations to Office 365, Dropbox, and Windows File Shares.

You can also create your own Building Blocks. For example Meeting Notes, Wikis, ... basically anything.

Drop-in UI or build on my own? Clarify, please.

The Drop-in UI is ready from the get-go. With no additional development, you'll be able to embed a Swiss Army knife of collaboration features to your app with one simple script. You can still set your colors, logos, fonts, all that without additional programming. We did that for you. You're welcome.

To build your own means that if you want to be in full control then your wish is our command. Whatever your app is built in: PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, .NET... it doesn't matter. You can use the Weavy API to add everything collaborative.

Check out the Weavy docs

Can I use Weavy stand-alone as well?

Sure. Why not. Our philosophy is that collaboration should be a feature of every product you use and not a stand-alone tool. However, we're not going to be jerks about it. Just because you work differently than us, doesn't mean you should suffer.

So yeah, use Weavy as a stand-alone tool or as an embed, your choice. That's just how versatile Weavy is.

I've built a QuickBooks killer app, should I add Weavy?

Does the Pope have a funny hat? Of course you should. This will make your app more sticky, more competitive, more engaging and really pick up that fight with QuickBooks.

What we know is collaboration. We've spent years perfecting internal processes and building the right technology so that teams run smoothly. We poured all that knowledge into Weavy for you to leverage.

So this is the thing. You've built a great replacement for QuickBooks, which means your customers are able to balance their books but how well is your app at helping your users collaborate with their team? Can they chat about an invoice? Can they ask for comments on a P&L? Can they upload and work on documents together? If they can't, then you're app isn't collaborative.

We just want to make sure your app is keeping your users engaged at all times. We don't want them leave your app to do that stuff, right?

Psst... just so you know, QuickBooks have zero, zip, zilch, no collaboration capabilities as of today... just saying.

Another psst... you can add Weavy to anything, you know. Not just accounting... it could be a CRM, ERP, BI, logistics or whatever you want.

I have tons of customers using my app, does Weavy scale?

Yes, it does and with security in mind. We have a ready to go framework to provision unique and siloed Weavy instances for each and every one of your customers.

We have an old intranet that we built. Can I add Weavy to that?

Indeed you can. Weavy is a framework that allows you to bring collaboration features into the tools you already work in. You add it to the apps you built to bring in-app messaging, file sharing and more. But you can also build a space for your intranet to live. That means you get the modernity of Weavy's functionality without losing the years and years of work you put into the intranet.

Just remember it's not one or the other, we can weave them together.

Asking for a friend... but what about SharePoint?

Well, tell your friend that everything is going to be OK and then tell him/her... YES! You can add Weavy to ANY version of SharePoint and make it more collaborative and connected.

With one simple script you can have instant messaging (for example) across all your SharePoint sites. This without touching any code or configurations, so rest assured... it will not fall apart. It will only get better from here.

Can I add Weavy to like, any site?

Yup! Set up your own Weavy or let us host it and then just get that embed script and drop that Drop-in UI in there and you're all set, serving all your visitors with powerful collaboration and communication capabilities.

I'm a system integrator, can I use Weavy for my clients?

You sure can! Add Weavy to any or all of your clients' legacy apps and instantly make them collaborative with all our Building Blocks.

And not only that, you can build your own integrations with other systems your clients run. Think of Weavy as your integration hub.

Do you have a showcase, so I can see it in action?

Dynamics Connect is a great example to see our Drop-in UI in action, white labeled and completely embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Check it out

I want to play around and try it out. Do you have a sandbox?

Easiest way is just to sign up for Weavy in our cloud and you will instantly get your own setup to play around with and embed Weavy into your apps and sites.

If you want to build your own stuff and connect to our API, download and install Weavy on-premise and you'll get full control.

Sign upDownload

Weavy... what kind of name is that?

Well, it is what it says... kind of.

We like to say that we're weaving together apps, people, groups, integrations and functionality into one place. The place where you do work.

So, Weavy weaves...

Last but not least... why Weavy?

Because every app and site out there needs collaboration.

Adding collaboration to your app with Weavy will make you stand out, save you a tremendous amount of time while beating out your competition.

That's why!

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