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Increase engagement. Drive revenue. Save costs.

Our SDK & API is built to work for you with minimum effort and maximum effect.

Significantly increase your user engagement, retention, and adoption.

With in-app messaging and collaboration your users can do all their work without ever leaving your app.

Totally embedded and seamlessly merged with your app.

Our SDK & API is designed from the bottom up to be embedded in your app with minimum effort.

New monetization opportunities.

Create new revenue streams with the added feature set made possible using our framework.

Total cost of ownership

Using our SDK & API vs in-house development will save you up to 90% in costs.

Build great in-app messaging and collaboration.

Explore, try, and add our features instantly to your app.


Instant Messaging

In-app and stand-alone instant messaging with direct messages and group chats.


Secure File Sharing

Secure file sharing with integrations to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive.


Activity Feeds

Threaded conversation feeds with polls, reactions, and more for true team collaboration.



Embed task delegation and to-dos into your app.


Document Collaboration

Let your users work together on files embedded in your app.



Read about all our features and their benefits.

Give more value to your users with our integrations

Connect your app, connect your users. Your app is the place for work. Bring all services to your users, save them time and avoid context-switching.


Integrate to all leading file sharing services directly in your app

Instantly add the capability for your users to add and share files from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

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Enable your users to do video calls directly in your app

Leverage Zoom and Microsoft Teams to let your users start, join, and view recordings of meetings directly from within your app.

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The turnkey collaboration SDK & API

<weavy/> is the only collaboration SDK& API on the market that delivers a turnkey solution for you to instantly add in-app messaging and collaboration.

What is in-app messaging and why should you care?

Learn about <weavy/>, benefits, and how to get started.

In-app Messaging

Full-featured chat and messaging framework embedded in your app.

Activity Feeds

Embed activity feeds for conversations and sharing directly into your app.

Secure File Sharing

Powerful secure file sharing embedded into your app.


Embed task delegation and to-dos into your app.

Messaging and collaboration solutions for every industry.


Boosting sales and service team productivity.

With our framework you can take your CRM app to the next level, providing functionality that customers are increasingly demanding and which the industry leaders are already doing.

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Collaborate with data and people.

Enabling your customers to drive real-time productive conversations and collaborate around their data and KPI’s that are in your app.

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Fast, reliable, and secure in-app messaging and collaboration.

Allow your end-users to streamline all aspects of their business and foster usability of your app.

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Transform the education world.

Empower your users with in-app messaging, secure file sharing, and feeds to discuss lectures, assignments, projects, set up study groups, and more.

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Increase your value through the addition of new messaging and collaboration features.

As a software as a service provider, you always need to be top of your game and provide value to your customers over time to increase engagement and reduce churn.

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Workplace demands and user expectations are changing.

Which is why you need to rethink what a CRM can do.

In our E-book, Why product managers should be thinking about collaboration and productivity (and how), we take a look at the state of the industry, and how you can implement new features that set you apart.

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Designed for developers

<weavy/> allows developers to quickly add collaboration features to any app without the tedious groundwork.

Whether you use our Client SDK with the Drop-in UI, or our Server SDK to completely customize every aspect of <weavy/> - it's all designed for maximum impact with minimum effort.

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