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Weavy and atlassian

Build custom apps and integrations for Atlassian with Weavy

Build the extra functionality you need to get the most out of your Atlassian products.

Weavy + Atlassian

Atlassian has 300,000+ customers, including 2/3 of Fortune 500 companies

With Atlassian and Weavy, we're making it easier to build robust, secure apps by combining our technologies, which allows individual developers to create a sustainable business and developer teams to build new, powerful, integrated functionality faster.
For the creator

Make your app stand out

Atlassian Marketplace is a hub for innovative apps, and standing out in this crowded space is challenging for any developer.

Use Weavy and Atlassian Forge together and get an unfair advantage by extending Confluence, Jira, and more with our building blocks in no time.

Use our building blocks to extend an existing app you have published in the marketplace
Use our building blocks as the boilerplate to build a new app - our UI is open-sourced
For your team

Boost productivity

Apps help teams get work done by extending and customizing Atlassian products; with Weavy you can do that on steroids.

Make yourself and your team even more productive in your Atlassian products by adding our building blocks.

Enable cross-functionality between Atlassian products using our building blocks
Make contextual work more productive by adding our building blocks to any view in the Atlassian products

Building blocks

Are you ready to unlock your creativity?

Explore our building blocks, try out our demos, and see the potential for yourself.


See it in action

See how and where you can add the building blocks into Confluence and Jira

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