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Change the world with us

Get on the Weavy wagon and bring collaboration to every app. They need it.

Why work with us? Well, let me tell you.

Life balance

Work-life balance is super important to us.

Sure, our founder works relentlessly but he also knows how to play. Literally. He builds and plays video games in his "spare time".

All that to say we honor Swedish heritage of 6 weeks yearly paid vacation.

Hit that treadmill

We pick up the gym bill for you if you promise to go. Promise? Pinky swear? If you break it, you might suffer some serious consequences .

And of course, we'll help out with your health insurance. Dental. Vision. All that jazz.

We've got you covered.

The A game

We invest in you. Yes, YOU!

Training, travel opportunities, team development activities, courses, and more.

We always want you on top, performing well, feeling good, energetic, knowledgeable, and bringing your A game.

What you can expect from us

  • Market compensation and THE best work-life balance.
  • Whatever you need gear-wise. Apple or Microsoft, we don't care.
  • Interesting, smart (fairly smart, to be honest), and fun (that's true) people all around the world.
  • Solid introduction to our company, product and processes.

What we expect from you

  • You love working hard not only for financial rewards but also for the opportunity to grow personally.
  • You embrace change. Look up the word "startup" in a dictionary and it says "change" (not really).
  • Your written and verbal communication skills are through the roof, and you're eager to learn new tech stuff quickly.
  • You live within commute distance from (or are willing to relocate to) Los Angeles... GO DODGERS!

Open positions

Los Angeles

Front-End UI Coder + Graphic Designer Wizkid

Front End Designer (Full-time)

An innovative tech startup in Playa Vista is looking for a designer who codes. Or a developer who designs. Y'all are a new breed so we'll let you name it.

The marketing team seeks an illustrator/design strategist who has her/his own ideas and understands how to turn them into web content and interactive experiences. Knowledge and experience across digital channels and devices is necessary, as well as proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The Front-End Designer will be detail-oriented and able to work collaboratively (it's what we're about, after all).


  • Design static and animated deliverables for website, email campaigns, landing pages, social media, and advertising collateral.
  • Design and code web, email templates that are responsive in layout, appearance, and UI across device types and email clients.
  • Create icons, informational graphics, and artwork to visually illustrate concepts and product features.
  • Work with a team, incorporating feedback and suggestions in an efficient iterative process.
  • Create visual and UI concepts either from scratch or by modifying existing designs.
  • Provide creative input for our visual branding and content strategy.
  • Since we're a startup, be open to new responsibilities as we grow and change.


  • Fluency in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. (It's beautiful, but does it work?)
  • Experience coding in Hubspot or a similar marketing platform.
  • 3+ years experience creating web pages & emails that accomplish business goals.
  • A portfolio demonstrating innovative design concepts and interactive digital experiences.
  • Excellent communication and time management skills.
  • Strong fundamental design skills like color, typography, layout, etc.
  • Proficiency in several Adobe CC applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc.)
  • Strong interest in the technology and startup community.
  • Some experience in B2B marketing (people get weirder at work).
  • BONUS if you also have experience with motion graphics and video production. If so, you might be a unicorn.


Open positions


Sorry, no open positions right now.

Meet the team.


We know you came here expecting us to lay out our grand vision. Or brag about all the successful tools we've built, which we have. But it's been done before and we're all about doing things differently. Plus you'd be bored out of your mind.

How about instead, we just tell you what we do and then you check it out? We're pretty sure you're going to dig it.

</weavy> is for the makers.
And the doers.

You built something great. Maybe it is the Quickbooks Killer or the next Salesforce. Your new app is likely missing some key collaboration features, right? — Things like in-app messaging, secure file sharing, document collaboration and integrations.

Well, </weavy> lets you drop them in your apps. It's really that simple. Pick the browser extension or the code snippet. You have users in need, and we have the Swiss Army knife of collaboration.

Embed </weavy> anywhere, and your users have contextual collaboration (thanks to us) right there where they want it, and where they do their actual work (thanks to you).

A perfect partnership.
Now go play with it.

David Cole, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework Director of Client Services

David Cole, Jr

Above & Beyond Director/Client Services

Jimmy Wilhelmsson, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework Product Manager

Jimmy Wilhelmsson

Product Manager & Storyteller

Johan Jeppson, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework Developer

Johan Jeppson

Developer Extraordinaire

Klas Lundberg, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework UX, UI

Klas Lundberg

UX/UI Wizard

Linus Birgerstam, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework CTO

Linus Birgerstam

World-Class CTO

Magnus Krona, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework Developer

Magnus Krona

Lightning Developer

Paul Meyer, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework CFO

Paul Meyer

Numbers, Numbers - CFO

Rickard Hansson, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework Founder, CEO

Rickard Hansson

Founder, CEO & Incurable Optimist

Ryan Riley, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework CMO

Ryan Riley

Marketing Genius

Robert Hess, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework COO

Robert Hess

Get Stuff Done COO

Semmy Rulf, Weavy Team Collaboration Framework Chairman

Semmy Rülf

Done It All Chairman