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In-App Chat

Give your users the power to communicate, collaborate, or create connections right inside your app with our chat components and development tools

Meet user expectations

Delight your customers

Adding in-app chat to your product is the perfect way to increase user engagement

Collaboration and social features like direct messaging, group chats and @mentions are now a key component of user experiences for modern software products. 

Adding Weavy's In-app Chat to your app can improve user engagement and increase in-app retention.

Direct messages

Enable one-to-one communications between users.

Group chats

Empower group conversations. The more the merrier.

Video calls

With Zoom and Teams integrations, users can start calls from chat.

Ship it faster

Stick to your roadmap

Get table stakes features like chat in your app in days with Weavy's components

Bringing user-to-user communication and collaboration inside your product may be a departure from your core offering. So keep your team's focus on what you do best, and we do the rest. 

Adding Weavy's In-app Chat to your app can keep you on target while still adding more features.

Feature complete

Everything your users could want and need for collaboration, communication, and community.

Made for developers

Our easy Chat API and developer tools simplify the process from prototyping to production.
Chat API

Priced to scale

Straightforward pricing made to be flexible and growth friendly for your business.