Product / Developer Marketer

The Product / Developer Marketing (working title) role is a brand new position in our growing Commercial Team. Because of this, you will have an opportunity to shape the role and your place within the department and larger organization. This role will function primarily at first as a technical content creator, and liaison between commercial team and product development team, and will spearhead the new product-led growth initiatives we’ll be undertaking in 2023. It’s an incredibly exciting time for our company, and this role will be in the thick of helping to take us to the next level. 

We’re a 100% remotely working team of less than 20, primarily located in the greater LA area and Malmö, Sweden. You are an energetic self-starter who can be located anywhere within the PST to CET time zones, but able to primarily work EST hours. If you’re based in Malmö, we have an office for you to utilize, though coming in will primarily not be a requirement. 

Whether you’re a “big picture” person or highly detail oriented - you know how to make a plan of action, execute, evaluate, and reformulate as needed. You know and have worked with developers before, and can lend your expertise to our marketing team as we deploy a product-led growth strategy.


What you’ll do:

  • Your main task will be to create technical and blog content for the website, github, stack overflow and other channels. This includes tutorials and samples for our users to add to/layer on their Weavy products, and taking our product documentation from the dev team and repurposing it for other channels

  • You will have ownership of our self-service library, assisting with everything from sales enablement materials to customer onboarding content, with support from our content manager and the rest of the team 

  • Work closely with marketing and sales teams to drive brand awareness, demand generation, retargeting, nurturing and various other campaigns (it’s ok if you’re not familiar with these concepts yet!)

  • Take ownership of product related communications with the potential to develop into a product manager or product-led growth manager in the future

  • Develop and record webinars and video tutorials (we have an in-house video producer)

  • Attend/participate in events for the greater developer community and/or user groups and customers

  • Potentially help strategize the planning of content and dissemination across various channels


Who you are:

  • Minimum two years of experience in a frontend product development role

  • OR worked in another product or marketing related role, but still have the coding skills

  • Proficiency in JavaScript

  • Familiarity with a variety of frontend frameworks such as React, ReactNative, Angular, Vue.js, etc a plus

  • Analytical mindset with some creative chops a plus

  • Good communication and writing skills are critical

  • Ability to be organized and self-disciplined

  • Ability to work with a high level of autonomy - though can speak up when support is needed

  • Ability to be flexible and highly adaptable. You can iterate and redirect when things don’t go according to plan

  • You own your mistakes and see them as learning opportunities

  • At ease speaking with engineers - not just about our products, but about infrastructure, frameworks, authorization, and more 

  • Entrepreneurial mindset - you may come from a startup/scaleup background or at least understand that it requires a lot of personal accountability and some trial and error - and that excites you!

  • Eagerness to be a part of something growing, and desire to grow along with us

  • Prior work or general understanding of topics in SaaS, Business Intelligence, Collaboration, Dev Tools, Low Code, Customer Relationship Management, etc a plus

  • Prior marketing-specific experience is not required, but you’ll know how to speak/appeal to developers because you’ve been in that world

  • You are highly interested in and motivated to learn marketing practices, particularly those related to product marketing, product led growth, and developer marketing

Who you are NOT:

  • Someone who requires constant oversight

  • Someone who doesn’t like to collaborate

  • Someone who doesn’t like being in an environment of savvy nerds who like to build cool things

What we offer:

  • A fun and relaxed team environment where we take pride in what we do, celebrate successes, and fix failures together

  • Flexible remote work - the how, where, and when don’t particularly matter, as long as you attend regular meetings and are reliable in delivery

  • An opportunity to develop within the role, and take on projects that interest you

  • Team activities (particularly if located in LA or Malmö areas), with semi-annual offsite meetups

  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience and location

  • 25 days of Paid Time Off

  • Sick time as you need

  • Wellness/medical monthly stipend 

  • Personal development/learning budget for online courses, conferences, books, etc. 

  • Home office/co-working space budget

  • Employee options


Who we are:

Weavy is a software component and application development tools company, creating products that allow dev teams to quickly and easily deploy user collaboration features in their web or mobile applications without having to build the features in-house. Our three flagship products are a Chat API, Files API, and Feeds API, enabling end users to communicate directly, share documents, post pictures, updates, and more, all within a single web or mobile app environment. Weavy is a new-ish company, though our products derive from our own legacy software that we’ve retooled and rebuilt to meet changing market demands, and now we’re better than ever. We’re currently in the midst of a rebrand and relaunch after securing seed funding from a huge and well known VC, and we hope you’re excited to join us at this pivotal moment.

The Commercial team at Weavy is truly collaborative in almost all aspects. Almost nothing goes out the door without initial group planning, and final eyes from most of the team. We have found a great balance between async work and deep collaboration that we plan to keep at the forefront even as we scale. Because of this, hierarchy/age/experience are not important - your competency and contribution are. This role will require active participation and also ownership and accountability. This might sound daunting, but we promise it actually makes things quite relaxed. Some of our other core values include freedom, kindness, and authenticity. Personal and professional development underscore what we do, and we take a ‘lead from behind’ approach where management is a support role and trust is emphasized. Psychological safety is of utmost importance, and retribution, discrimination, intimidation, and bullying are not tolerated. This starts all the way at the top with our CEO Rickard, and is practiced at all levels of the organization.


The team:

For now, this role will report directly to the Chief Revenue Officer, Lydia, and collaborate closely with the rest of the small but mighty hybrid marketing and sales team. Lydia, who’s based in Malmö, oversees strategy and operations, and is the people and project manager for the team.

Marta is our Head of Demand Generation, based in Boston (for now), responsible for driving top of the funnel acquisition strategies and performance marketing. Andy is our Content and Automations Manager, based in LA, responsible for almost all written word, email marketing, video production, landing page creation and website maintenance. Allen is our Product Advisor, also in LA, working closely with our leads and customers as they move through the pipeline, providing white glove service. 


Our culture:.

Many startups and scale ups employ a “fail fast” mentality. “Throw a lot of things at the wall and see what sticks.” There is a lot of pressure and emphasis placed on activity level and urgency. We don’t really work this way. Everything we do is intentional and methodical. No half baked ideas here, and everything we do has a clear purpose within our overall strategy (see Systems Thinking methodology). We’re more of the “nail it then scale it” types. We are eager to try new things, but they have to make sense for us. That being said, we’re never married to ideas, we don’t let ego prevent us from cutting losses, and we believe change is a constant. That also being said, you should not be one to cut important corners, and sloppy is never a word used to describe your work. We believe there’s a difference between urgency and efficiency - and we strive for the latter. BUT, we are a startup afterall though, so sometimes this goes out the window… flexibility and adaptability are also important. We’ve had to pivot a couple times in the last few years, but we always find ways to learn, iterate, and refine. Good news is, you’re joining at a time when the vision for the future is crystal clear.

On the sales side, we practice Customer Centric Sales methodology… and those ideals are also reflected in our overall strategy and approach. 


The recruitment process:

The hiring committee will consist of Lydia, Marta, Andy, and Rickard. You will be asked to produce a sample tutorial for us to test your coding skills, which will be paid. The hiring process will be as follows: a 15 minute pre-screening with Lydia. A full interview with Lydia, Marta, and Andy. A personality test. The coding assessment. An interview with Lydia and Rickard. A “fireside chat” with the whole Weavy org (culture fit is very important to us). A final call with Lydia to answer any remaining questions + decision is made.