Environment Features

An environment for every stage of development

From testing to deployment, environments are designed to meet your needs throughout your development lifecycle stages


Unlimited environments

Anything you could need, however you need it

A great backend should be configured to fit your pipeline, not the other way around. Environments gives you a centralized space to efficiently manage, develop and deploy new features to your app.

Use developer environments to create experimental runtimes, trial new test deployments, and sprint to MVPs. Use your production environments to go live and scale up. All from a single interface. 


Mix and match

Use different Weavy Pro or Free building blocks across environments

No need to bend over backwards to find the solution that's best for your app. Weavy provides unparalleled flexibility for each environment.

Define which building blocks you want to use at the Environment level. Free or Pro, there's no wrong answer for how to add Chat, Files, or Feeds.

Full control

API Versioning

Smooth transitions between development lifecycle stages

Sometimes, the latest and greatest isn't what you need. When setting up new environments, you can define exactly what version of our API to use. Keep it truly RESTful and avoid cache issues by sidestepping versioning in the URI or query parameters.


Get insights

Realtime environment usage and health data

Follow user growth, MEU counts, and vital usage stats such as sent messages, storage utilized, and posts made on each environment.

Avoid downtime with real time health metrics on each environment, so you can make adjustments without your users skipping a beat.



Guaranteed performance, dedicated resources, no contracts

With our different options for storage, bandwidth, and processing power, you can scale effortlessly from experimenting all the way to enterprise workloads and back again - exactly when you need it.

Get stuff done together


Teamwork makes the dream work

With the account portal, you can get your whole dev team on the same page (literally) to share API keys, backend URLs, building blocks, analytics, and more.