Winner of the Build Tomorrow Hackathon 2021

Urban Repair

Team: MuLx10
Members: Mehul Nirala

Jury motivation;
"Your Project Urban Repair really impressed the jury members. It is true that collaboration is the key to solve issues related to urban development. The manner in which you customized our Server SDK to add a drop-in location was impressive. Congratulations on winning the first prize."


An idea to collaboratively manage and restructure and repair a city to improve the quality of life.


A city is an important public resource. There are issues like cleanliness, property damage, etc. in a city that often go overlooked for a long period of time. We wanted to build a platform that would empower everyone to bring attention to pressing problems. Collaboration makes it easy to address a problem that is usually difficult to address on an individual level.

What does it do?

Urban repair helps the residents to monitor, upload, and tag issues that the city is facing via posts, messages, and tagged pictures tied to a location on the map.



  • The latest feed browsing contains all the recent issues along with images uploaded.
  • Highlighting the incident to bring it to the notice of concerned authorities.
  • Markers are placed on the map tied to each incident, which can be clicked to reveal an image and information about the incident.
  • Automatic tagging of images based to help segregate and manage metadata for topics on issues around the city.
  • In-app messaging service to discuss pressing topics. It would also support to request/offer help needed to solve the incident.


Urban Repair is packaged as a web app to offer cross-platform (iOS/Android/Desktop) support to users.

Technology Stack

  • Weavy
    • Chat: Direct message and group chat functions add the benefits of contextual in-app chat for users.
    • File-Sharing: Powerful & secure file(pictures) sharing.
    • Feeds: For communicating and collaborating.
    • Tasks: Managing Action items around issues around the city.
  • React.js (Typescript): Front End of the app.
  • Node.js: Backend for Urban Repair
  • Maps API (Open street maps): Open source map API for location in a city.
  • Microsoft Azure Vision API: For image tagging and identification.



Setting up the server SDK.

Follow the steps to setup the Server SDK from here

Replace the URL to clone the solution to https://github.com/mehulnirala/urban-repair-weavy-sln.git

In other words, instead of $ git clone https://github.com/weavy/weavy-sln.git

perform $ git clone https://github.com/mehulnirala/urban-repair-weavy-sln.git

  • Run the solution without debugging as mentioned in the docs.
  • Point the browser to https://localhost:44323/
  • Create a client in Manage section in weavy with clientId = test and clientSecret = test.

Setting up the UI

Clone the repository from https://github.com/mehulnirala/urban-repair-ui

$ git clone https://github.com/mehulnirala/urban-repair-ui $ cd urban-repair-ui $ npm start

Point your favorite browser to http://localhost:3000/



Future Plans

Adding support for group discussion and planning e.g. a group of friends getting help from the city in planning a dinner location. A major addition would include having an emergency services feed/chat that would allow the city to help in a collaborative manner in time of need.

You can actually interact directly with Mehul in our discord.

Feel free to ask questions about Mehul's winning submission or questions directly to the Weavy team.