2nd place of the Build Tomorrow Hackathon 2021

Project Horizon

A Virtual Classroom

Team:  The inevitables
Members:  Arjun Raj, Akshay V Anil, Akshaymon K V & Akhil M Anil

Jury Feedback:
" Your Project Horizon: A Virtual Classroom truly resembles the best of collaboration. From personal ToDo’s and embedded calendar to classroom integration using Weavy Spaces, your solution has everything one needs to be a part of the classroom. The 3D Models of Biology provides us the possibility to go beyond conventional online classes and learn with more realistic tools leveraging AR and VR at its best."


There has been a paradigm shift in almost every known domain since the pandemic, especially in education. In education we can see that almost all organizations have moved to online educational platforms. But at the same time, most organizations do not have a dedicated space, where all services can be provided together. I.e, mostly they use zoom/meet to provide online classes. Uses other third-party platforms for exams. Uses regular communication methods for providing study material etc.

What it does?

We propose a medium where all of these services can be provided altogether and also a few other integrated features for making the learning process fun, interesting and collaborative. A virtual classroom that can help students, as well as teachers, learn, teach and conduct exams on a single platform! We named it ‘Project Horizon’.

Horizon is an interactive web app that supports both teachers and students. It is a complete solution for many institutions as it can be used as a SaaS for them to easily connect and interact with the students and provide them with assignments and tests through Horizon. The integrated Zoom feature allows students to connect with teachers from the application itself in one click.


Major Functions

ACCOUNT FOR EVERYONE: Both teachers and students have their own account, in which they can log in to learn and attend exams, among other things!

SHARE STUDY MATERIALS: Teachers can share study materials and other important files through the Weavy File Sharing service

CONDUCT AND VALUATE EXAMS: Teachers can conduct, as well as evaluate exams in the web app. A simple, yet efficient method is utilized.

3D ENABLED LECTURES: Some subjects like biology, mathematics, etc. can be easily understood when you see better than you hear.

GRADING AND ASSESSMENTS FOR EXAMS: Individual assignments, group projects, and quizzes are graded autonomously and uploaded for convenient use by students as well as management.

Note: All features are included in the attachment to this project submission!



Future Plans

The project can be implemented to provide a seamless and powerful virtual classroom for any educational institute. As it contains paid features, it will entirely be looking at private-sector education facilities.

Feel free to ask questions about the Inevitables winning submission directly to the Weavy-team.