3rd place of the Build Tomorrow Hackathon 2021


- Ensuring Citizen health always

Team:  Medbay
Members:  Jayit Saha & Ishita Dasgupta

Jury motivation:
"Your Project Medbay looks like a complete production ready application. With every detail in mind, the project takes the best advantage of Weavy features and there are a lot of interesting implementations of the medical field."


The unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the demand and supply of telemedicine and telehealth services worldwide. Telemedicine usage has surged among healthcare professionals as they strive to treat individuals and communities who face barriers to healthcare due to geographical distance, lack of practitioners, or health restrictions. Introducing MEDBAY, an innovative telemedicine application designed to address this need by offering mental health support, heart rate monitoring, and an intelligent chatbot for symptom and disease awareness, as well as recommending the appropriate medical professional. This groundbreaking idea was inspired by the goal of promoting health and wellness across society in these challenging pandemic times.

In a world gripped by the pandemic, MEDBAY aims to alleviate anxiety and depression, offer guidance on potential diseases based on symptoms, and direct users to the right healthcare professional. MEDBAY even includes a voice-based chatbot for ordering medications online, a feature particularly beneficial for the older generation.

Key Tools Used:

We incorporated various tools such as Weavy, Django, RASA NLU, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Machine Learning algorithms (Random Forest, Naïve Bayes Classifier), Deep Learning, Posture Detection Algorithms, FFT and Band filtering techniques, NLP Sentiment Analysis Model, GTTS module, STRIPE, Celery, Google Geolocation, Python ML and DL libraries, Bootstrap, Ajax, and jQuery.

Primary Features:

MEDBAY offers comprehensive dashboards for both patients and doctors, equipped with Weavy Tasks, Files, Recent Activities, and Chat. The patient dashboard provides a summary of total test prices, patient visits, visit reviews, recovery rates, and data visualizations based on medical test expenses, visits, and recovery ratio. The doctor dashboard presents counts and percentages for total income, total patients, reviews, growth, and data analytics of income, patients, and satisfaction ratio.

Distinct Functionalities:

MEDBAY boasts an array of unique features, including a workout planner and monitor, a non-contact heart rate monitoring system, an AI-powered diet planner, a real-time group yoga posture monitoring system, a depression chatbot, a medical chatbot, a medical test comparison tool, and an integrated pharmaceutical store.

Configuration and Instructions:

To set up and run MEDBAY, visit our GitHub repository link and follow the source code and instructions provided.

Future Outlook:

We aim to continuously evolve MEDBAY by integrating different languages into our chatbots for a richer user experience, adding all ideated modules to the main application, linking an IoT device like Fitbit to our heart rate monitoring system, providing detailed yoga plan recommendations, and adding a customer feedback portal in the e-test comparison application.

Engage with MedBay:

Get a firsthand experience of MedBay by interacting with us on our community forum. For any queries about MedBay's winning submission, feel free to reach out directly to the Weavy-team.