Voted Best Innovation in the Build Tomorrow Hackathon 2021


Team: Nexus
Members: Nilesh Gupta & Prasad Dilip Patewar

Jury motivation;
"Your Project Oxylus has addressed a very unique space. We are surprised about the amount of information presented and the state-of-the-art use of technology. Being out of the box, this solution surely qualifies all criteria of being the best open innovation award. "


Nexus  blockchain-powered platform empowers businesses to contribute and collaborate with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) projects. This revolutionary effort came to fruition after the United Nations highlighted the pressing need for sustainable practices in 2010. The SDGs, consisting of 17 goals, aim to strike a balance between environmental preservation and societal well-being.

UN's Partnership Accelerator Program:

Halfway through the target year of 2030, the United Nations recognized the need to accelerate its Partnership Accelerator program. This initiative aims to mobilize businesses as active partners in sustainable development, thereby expediting the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. The focus lies in fostering inclusivity, building relationships and trust, and promoting co-creation, acknowledging the deep interconnection between business, society, and the environment for sustainable progress.


Though the intention to work towards SDGs is clear, several challenges persist, such as ensuring transparency of projects, connecting business owners to relevant projects, securing public information, accelerating fund transfers without excessive paperwork, and validating the legitimacy of projects for business owners.


Nexus  platform bridges this gap by enabling organizations and business owners worldwide to pool resources and contribute to SDGs. By facilitating the connection between government organizations, NGOs, TPI, and businesses, we aid in the acceleration of SDG projects. The platform streamlines the process by categorizing users into Business Owners and Project Organizers based on their interests, capabilities, and scale of operation (Local/State, Country, Global). This ensures optimal project execution and longevity, far surpassing the effectiveness of government-led initiatives.

Project Structure:

Projects on our platform are structured with a comprehensive data system consisting of MetaData, FileData, FundData, Conversational Data, and OData. These elements help track milestones, requests, and financial transactions, providing complete transparency for all involved parties.

Project Working:

Our platform enables project organizers to create, detail, and implement projects. Business owners can contribute funds and resources, with their contributions stored in secure smart contracts. Decisions on project requests are made through a voting system involving contributing business owners. This ensures funds are effectively utilized, and projects are steered with industry-leading guidance.

Weavy Integration:

Nexus  incorporated Weavy's communication features into our platform to facilitate seamless discussions between business owners and project organizers. This aids in enhancing project abilities and ensuring the optimal development of SDG projects.

Repository & Source Code:

Nexus  project's code repositories are accessible at [Github Repo URLs], although a public release is pending.

Future Plans:

Nexus plan to decentralize user data and user management, with Weavy being a prime candidate for integration. Furthermore, we're considering the addition of Weavy's secure file sharing feature for enhanced data security on our platform. You can interact directly with our team on our discord for more information or inquiries.

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