Badge of Honor in the Weavy Collaboration Hack 2020

Coded the Doc


Members: Brijesh Kumar, Ankita Khan

Jury motivation;
"Technology is the focus of this team, I loved the way they explained why it was important and the usage."



Our objective is to enable Secured sharing of documents among peers using the AES Encryption and Decryption algorithm.

Our idea is to make use of the Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) algorithm to perform the secured sharing of the documents of any type i.e, extension among different peers with a live chatbot assistant.

What is an AES?

We are using the AES algorithm as it is one of the most efficient cryptographic algorithms which aims to provide the security by its complex encryption and decryption techniques. For more information regarding the same, refer to AES.

Why AES?

If the user or hacker doesn't know the secret key to decrypt the cipher then the time taken to crack an unknown secret key would take approximately 1 billion billion years.

For the implementation part, we have thought of putting an interface at the front-end which displays two buttons for performing the following:

  • Encryption and Decryption on the plain text.
  • Encryption and Decryption on the documents of all types.

The functionality of the first button is to show how the algorithm works and also to help the user to understand the flow. The second button is responsible for the secured communication of the documents among different users. Talking about the coding part, we have thought of using the languages Javascript, HTML, CSS, and other languages if necessary to build the application. The platform used will be Weavy. And yes, we will make it fancy, such that it would be user-friendly and properly deployed over the Internet.

Our main constraints Decent Internet connectivity is a must for encrypting at the sender's side and downloading the decrypted document at the receiver's side. Availability of our model/application for encrypting and decrypting the document.

Application would be beneficial in every field wherever effective and secured communication is needed such as military, corporate, etc.

Presentation& Demo

Architecture & Technology Stack

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS




Easy to run on any desktop, PC.
Only VS Code or any other compiler can work in order to run the application.


You can actually interact directly with Briejsh & Ankita on our discord.

Feel free to ask questions about their winning submission or questions directly to the Weavy team.