Badge of Honor in the Weavy Collaboration Hack 2020


- by The Inevitables

Team: The Inevitables
Members: Arjun Raj, Akshay V Anil, Akshaymon K V, Akhil M Anil

Jury motivation;
"The use case with Weavy doctor/patient communication was great."


 As the pandemic increases, the social distancing need to be done, which makes going to the hospital all the more difficult. In order to solve all the trouble, we are coming forward with an idea of custom-webapp for hospital management system. This will help the patient to book an appointment in advance, without even coming to the hospital. All those time, waiting to get an appointment can be reduced. And it is not just that, all the features of this webapp will makes the visit to hospital as easy as possible. Through the webapp, hospital can keep records of all their patients, and all the medical documents can be transferred through digital platform, which makes it more powerful. Some of the features are: *OP reservation and token service *Online payment facility *Account for each patient and doctor *Customized feed *Online prescription and medical record sharing service * Up to date availability of doctors.

Note: This is relatively a big project, so only a demo based project is developed now. Third party paid servers is required for storing large data required for hospital management. The research required for the webapp is done using the help of local authorities.

Future-scope: Activity feed and live updates from the hospital can be added to the webapp. And an android application can be developed for the webapp.

Architecture & Technology Stack

  • Html5
  • CSS
  • Weavy
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Visual-Studio-Debugging



Patient login details:

id :Akash suresh password : 19/10/2020

Doctor login details:

id :1000 password:rejinlifeline

Note: Weavy integrated part is working only through localhost, its working is shown in the demo.