Winner of the MRWW23 Hackathon 2023


Team: Växjö Vikings
Members: Frank Wagenaar, Bob Harder, Viktor Berggren, Sara Zaderfeldt

Jury motivation:
WorkLife is the deserving winner of the competition, as it embodies the spirit of innovation in enhancing remote work. Its customizable online spaces empower individuals to create personalized virtual workspaces, boosting productivity and well-being. WorkLife introduces inventive solutions, including seamless collaboration tools and creative virtual meeting spaces, bridging the gap between physical and remote work. The gamification element adds excitement by motivating employees through achievements, points, and virtual cosmetic items, fostering healthy competition and a sense of achievement. This approach also enhances community and connection among remote workers, creating a supportive and collaborative environment. WorkLife's exceptional embodiment of the competition's spirit, innovative ideas, and gamification elements make it a game-changer that fosters engagement and builds a strong remote work community.




Their big idea is to address the problem of isolation in remote working by creating a collaboration platform with gamification elements, called WorkLife.

The platform aims to encourage workers, referred to as "buddies", to be present, take initiative, and get rewarded. Unlike existing collaboration platforms that are either too plain or too complex, WorkLife plans to offer a fun, 2D landscape where users can create visible rooms, characters, and interactions. Users can also earn points to buy furniture and items to decorate their spaces.

The architecture of the platform is based on the KISS principle (Keep It Stupid Simple). It will have "Hubs" containing one or more "Rooms" where "Buddies" can be present and "Props" can be placed. Users can chat with "Messages" and be part of a "Gang". They can also log in with an "Account".