2nd place of the Make Remote Work, Work Hackathon 2023


Team:  Gamers
Members:  Tarun Chelumall

Jury Motivation:
Gamer Pal secures second place in the hackathon by demonstrating innovation, technical prowess, and a profound understanding of the target market. The team's personal connection to gaming not only allowed them to identify the challenge of finding reliable teammates but also prompted them to question the traditional notion of a workspace. By creating a platform that connects gamers based on skill and play style, they effectively addressed the challenge. Their technical skills were evident in seamlessly integrating with gaming platforms, retrieving user data, and implementing a robust matchmaking system. Additionally, Gamer Pal's dual functionality as a social networking platform fosters a strong sense of community among gamers. The team's dedication, resilience, and passion were key factors contributing to their success, positioning them as a promising force in the technology and gaming landscape.




"GamerPal," a platform designed to connect gamers with like-minded teammates based on skill and play style. Users can log in with their Steam and Valorant IDs to fetch performance data and set preferences. Besides matchmaking, Gamer Pal also offers a social aspect for users to connect and build their own gaming community.

The team behind Gamer Pal consists of passionate gamers and computer science engineering students who understand the challenges of finding reliable and skilled teammates to play with. They aim to create a platform that not only helps gamers find their perfect match but also fosters a sense of community and connection.

The presentation also showcases some technical aspects of the platform, including the implementation of JWT (JSON Web Token) for authentication and Socket.IO for real-time communication. The presenter reflects on their participation in a hackathon as a rewarding journey of innovation, determination, and growth, enhancing their technical skills and fueling their passion for meaningful solutions.