3rd place of the Make Remote Work, Work Hackathon 2023


Team:  CodeZilla
Members:  Akshay V Anil, Ajay Nair, Akshaymon K V, Hari Sree S A

Jury motivation:
Cozy, developed by team Codezilla, earns an impressive third place in the hackathon with its remarkable implementation of a remote work solution. Cozy showcases creativity, innovation, and a clear vision for the future. Their plan to incorporate virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), smart virtual assistants, and 3D workstations with avatars sets them apart. By leveraging immersive technologies, Cozy aims to bridge the gap between physical and virtual work environments, enhancing collaboration and productivity. The inclusion of smart virtual assistants streamlines tasks and personalizes the experience, while 3D workstations and avatars create a sense of presence and gamify productivity. Cozy's commitment to continuous improvement and anticipation of emerging needs further solidifies its position as an exceptional remote work solution.




Cozy is designed to make remote working more interesting, flexible, and productive. The team identifies the challenges of remote working, such as communication gaps, isolation, fuzzy work-life boundaries, technological barriers, and the need for team cohesion.

Cozy aims to address these issues with a range of features:

  1. Feeds: This feature keeps users informed about the latest project changes through an interactive and personalized feed, fostering user engagement and collaboration.

  2. Gamification using Avatars: Users are represented by metaverse avatars that reflect their work productivity and contributions. The avatars level up based on the individual's performance, motivating users to enhance their productivity.

  3. Collaboration: Cozy introduces a real-time collaboration board that enables developers to share ideas, map out plans, and brainstorm together.

  4. Level Up: A performance-based employee level-up system is implemented to motivate employees to track their progress, earn rewards, and stay motivated.

  5. Private Audio/Chat Rooms: Cozy provides a seamless and secure communication feature through private audio and chat rooms.

  6. 3D Workstation representation: This feature visually depicts the status of different employees, indicating whether they are in a meeting, offline, or online.

The team used a range of technologies to create Cozy, including Weavy for chat and file sharing functionalities, React for developing a responsive UI, Express for backend server implementation, for real-time whiteboard collaboration, Material UI for designing visually appealing interfaces, and Three.JS for immersive 3D gamification experiences. Docker facilitated containerization, while or Firebase handled hosting.

The team also outlines future scopes for Cozy, including the integration of intelligent virtual assistants, VR and AR, automated task allocation, intelligent time and productivity tracking, and enhanced cybersecurity and data privacy measures.