2nd place of the Striking Balance Hackathon 2022


- Modernizing Education with AR

Team:  The Pitchers
Members:  Kushagra Goel, Anmol Goel & Kumar Vaibhav

Jury Feedback:
"Your project EduLabs makes perfect use of AR to motivate students and teachers alike to perform their best. You made good use of Weavy and Wijmo to facilitate the needs of an educational tool, all while keeping it fun and interesting."



EduLabs at its core is an educational tool, but with a twist. By using augmented reality (AR) to make learning feel fresh and fun. In the main part of the application, you can learn about different subjects and perform experiments in AR. In the second part students and teachers can communicate, share impressions and learnings and more. In this dashboard teachers also find important statistics such as the students' performances or where students seem to need more help understanding the topics.


Future Plans

Team the Pitchers are passionate about their project and plan to up-scale it to be suitable for schools and universities the world over. To accomplish their goal they want to keep building on the dashboard, adding more options and customization to meet the varied needs of different educational systems.

You can actually interact directly with members from team The Pitchers on our Discord server.

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