3rd place in the Striking Balance Hackathon 2022


- The Hacker's Tool of Choice

Team:  The Inevitables
Members:  Arjun Raj, Akhil M Anil, Akshaymon K V & Akshay V Anil

Jury motivation:
"Your project is the ideal solution for anyone participating in hackathons or needing to rapidly and efficiently build a useful foundation for their application. We especially like the ability to easily and quickly reuse the framework immediately."



Framebox is a complete no-code solution to using both Weavy and Wijmo in purposes of quickly creating a fully functional mock-up app or framework. With this app even people without knowledge of coding can quickly create and deploy a first version of their project. There's also the added ability to download the code that makes up the framework in order to reuse or modify it based on the project's needs.


Future Plans

Team The Inevitables want to continue building on their project, adding more features to improve the utility of their application. In-app presentation and rendering of prototypes, and the ability to view these on multiple devices are some of the future implementations in their plans.

You can actually interact directly with members of team The Inevitables on our  Discord server.

Feel free to ask questions about winning submissions or questions directly to the Weavy team.