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Make remote work, work

This hackathon showcases the creativity of tech enthusiasts to develop groundbreaking solutions for the most pressing challenges in remote work. 
Make remote work, work runs from the 14th of April til the 3rd of June, contains three phases (Idea submission, Prototype, and Finals), and is entirely virtual.
Follow the Finals and see all the amazing teams and their projects!

How does it work?

The ideation phase starts on April 14.
Your team has 4 weeks to brainstorm and submit an idea.

On May 12 we kick off the prototype phase, where you'll bring your idea to life and turn it into a tangible prototype. Your team needs to apply Noodl's no-code tool + the Weavy Modules in your project.

The best projects will then move on to the finals on
June 3.

Pick a topic or go wild!

🖌️ Graphical - "The Space"
🙏 Collab - "The Meeting Room"
🎮 Gamification - "The Game Room"
🎓 Learning - " The Library"
📆 Planning - "The Whiteboard"
😺 Open innovation - "Go Wild"


April 14th 2023 Registration & Idea
May 12th 2023 Idea submission deadline
May 13th 2023 Prototype phase
June 2nd 2023 Prototype submission deadline
June 3rd 2023 Grand Finale!

Everything you need to build custom web apps fast

Noodl is the next gen low-code platform that empowers you to design, build, and launch full-stack web apps with complete control of your user experience, backend, and hosting.


Next-generation building blocks for developers

Weavy is a complete toolkit for developers to add collaboration, productivity, and community features to web and mobile apps at a fraction of the cost and time. Increase functionality, connect users, focus on your core product.

Craft mind-blowing builds, unlock legendary prizes!


Not only will you and your team gain Klout, social media visibility, and interview opportunities, but you'll also have the chance to select top-notch prizes from multiple tiers.


Cash Prizes

Cash 1st & 2nd price!
Also exchange your hardware winnings to cash!
xbox series x-1

State of the art hardware prizes

Xbox, Sonos and more...

Deluxe gadgets

 3D-Pens, 3D-printers and more

Gift cards

Vouchers for Steam, Udemy and many more!

Trusted by developers across industries

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