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Group Chat and Instant Messaging for Teams

Securely connect and communicate on the go with Incentive Messenger

JOIN THOUSANDS OF START-UPS, global, and local businesses using Incentive Messenger

Team messaging that's built for your business

36% of your time is spent in your inbox*, stop wasting time with reply-to-all chaos and broken threads. Get the answers you need, when you need them. 

Incentive Messenger delivers persistent group chats and instant messaging for teams with the security your IT department loves.

* Harvard Business Review


Persistent, searchable, and filled with functionality;

One-to-One and Group Messaging

Get quick answers from your peers, or create a rooms for projects, clients, challenges, and invite your whole team.

Online Status and Read-Receipts

See when people are online, get read receipts with each message making sure it's delivered and seen.

Fully Searchable

Every conversation is searchable by keyword, including text, links, and more. If it's discussed in Incentive, it's there forever.

Have Fun!

Use emoji's to bring your conversations to life - work should be fun, and a chat needs a smile from time to time.


Message one-to-one privately and securely.


Create unlimited rooms for projects, teams, or clients.

Drag and Drop

Grab and share files from your desktop, file share, anywhere.


Snap a photo, upload and share it with your team.


Synchronizes across desktop, mobile, and web apps.


Get notified when new messages arrive.


Share your emotions and feelings in the conversations.

Fully searchable

If it's discussed in Incentive Messenger, it's saved forever.

Straightforward Pricing

No tiers. Unlimited Users, Messages, Rooms, Files, and infinite Search History.

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Runs on Everything so You Can Use it Anywhere

Connect with your team on the go through our apps.



Incentive Messenger is single-tenant - no shared storage, application pools, or databases. Meet compliance requirements as HIPAA, and more.

Data Retention & Auditing

Continued storage of all your messages for compliance with auditing trailing.


Incentive Messenger runs on everything so you can use it anywhere. Your phone, tablet or desktop. Instantly synced across all your devices.

Team Messaging That's Built for Your Business.

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